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Conflicts of Interest: Concerns for Cydney Moore, Lena Pace and Daniel Martin

Letter to the Editor:

On June 7, 2023 (a week before the two public hearings held by the Burien Council and before Charles Schaefer was removed from the Burien PC), a new Burien nonprofit was opened with the Secretary of State (SOS) under the name “Burien Community Support Coalition.”- UBI 605 272 002. This group has told the SOS their purpose for being is to “Provide for the basic needs of the community.”

Currently, there is only an Initial Board of Directors: named-Cydney Moore, Charles Schaefer, Daniel Martin, and Lena Pace. By June 30, 2024, this nonprofit must have named a Board of Governors and disclosed its finances. Daniel Martin is a current Burien Human Services Commission member, Cydney Moore is a sitting council member, and Lena Pace is a recently resigned Planning Commissioner employed as a  DESC Housing Compliance Associate, Quality & Information Manager.

According to another Burien media source;

“Schaefer and Moore advocated for Burien to build a homeless shelter, but the idea never got traction. Now, the two have apparently decided to push forward and try to get a shelter approved and funded through this new nonprofit they’ve created. Time will tell if we’re right about that, but if we are, it could put Ms. Moore in a conflict of interest. If she sits on the board or is otherwise involved with an organization funding a shelter, she cannot, in her capacity as a council member, vote or speak on any upcoming legislation regarding such a shelter. Nor can she advocate for the City of Burien or any other government entity to spend taxpayer money on such a shelter because this would conflict with her duty as councilwoman to represent the interests of all Burien citizens rather than her parochial interests in getting a shelter built.”-


The broadness and vagueness of the purpose of the Burien Community Support Coalition would also limit what other community issues Cydney Moore could vote on. Daniel Martin would be unable to vote on this shelter and many other Humans Services issues because it would violate the Conflict of Interest and Appearance of Fairness issues for him. Right now, it appears that this nonprofit may be trying to make an end run around the Burien Council and make a play for county and city money to promote their own private, vague, and broad interests. 

A word of advice: never support or contribute to a nonprofit you can’t exactly tell what they are using your money and contributions for!

A concerned Burien resident

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