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City of Burien offers third round of grants to small businesses

Image Source: City of Burien

Supporting Our Local Economy

The City of Burien will launch a third round of small business grants to support the continuing recovery of our vibrant small business community.

Grants will help to mitigate potential job losses, business closures, decline in sales tax revenue, and loss of goods and services to the community caused by the economic impacts of the COVID pandemic.

Grants of $5,000 will be offered to eligible businesses. The application portal opens at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

Eligibility Requirements – businesses must meet all of the following criteria:

Have ten or fewer FTE employees on the business payroll at the time of grant application.

Must have been in business for at least the last 24 months within the City of Burien.

Revenue Loss
Have experienced a 25% decline in gross revenue during the pandemic.

Physical Storefront
Be a “brick and mortar business” with a physical location in Burien or be a “home-based” childcare business.

The application link will be emailed to you when the portal opens, and will also be accessible at burienwa.gov/RecoveryGrants

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