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Father’s Day tribute: “In the Presence of Greatness”

by Narnia Girl

“In the Presence of Greatness”

I sat in the presence of greatness,
On a cold, clear winter’s day.
Oh! If only I had known
That was my first
And my last
Chance to see him
Before over Heaven’s threshold he’d pass!
His spirit emanated wisdom,
Kindness and love-
And I could sense a king’s crown
Set on his head from above.
Diamonds, rubies, amethysts, and emeralds
Set in glistening, filigreed gold: this was given for a life well-told.
His heart was full of care for his children,
Living in a dark and broken world-
He still perceived-
He still passionately hurled
His heart out to heal the world.
He strove to tell and be the truth,
To cover and protect
His inheritance
To witness to the Divine Evidence.
I sat in the presence of greatness on a cold, clear Winter’s Day.

This poem was inspired by the life of James Twedt, West Seattle,
(12/6/46 – 12/03/21), a very tender-hearted, humble, discerning “Rock of a Man” who quietly financially supported missionaries, single moms, and needy families. He used his spiritual gifts to help and encourage many people; his character and faith made him a wealthy man.

Video link: https://youtu.be/tzQ4fQgMSAA

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