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Mass resignation from planning commission in protest against city council’s actions regarding Charles Schaefer

By Staff Writer

Five members of the Planning Commission announced their resignations in the following letter, after the city council voted to remove Commission Chair Charles Schaefer on June 15.

“Dear Burien City Council,

We, the undersigned, are resigning from the Burien Planning Commission effective immediately.

We have lost confidence in our city council’s ability to lead. Over the past several months, it has become clear to us that there is a majority on the council, specifically, Mayor Aragon, Deputy Mayor Schilling and Council Members Matta and Mora, who are unwilling to address issues of affordable housing, homelessness, and poverty in Burien. Instead, they have spent valuable time and resources seeking someone to blame for their lack of action and the missteps of the new city manager. Planning Commission Chair Charles Schaefer fulfilled their need for a scapegoat, and they removed him from his position last night while still refusing to take action and address the homelessness crisis that impacts Burien as much as any other city in our region/state/country. In addition to being unproductive, this action raises significant concerns for us all about our own constitutional rights as individuals serving our city.


Commissioner Rocco DeVito, Vice-Chair

Commissioner August Hahn

Commissioner Lena Pace

Commissioner Ryan Davis

Commissioner Joe Hauser”

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  1. This isn’t a problem all over the state! Bellevue doesn’t have it, we have a cabin in Ellensburg, and they do t have it either! We are allowing people that don’t want help, and want to continue this lifestyle to degrade our whole city!

  2. Fine. Volunteers appointed by city council cannot undermine councils work and cause chaos. In the future volunteers should be very clear of their role on an appointed position.

  3. I’m sure there are lots of responsible and talented Burien residents that would love to join the planning commission.

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