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Mayor confirms property adjacent to Kennedy under discussion for homeless housing

By Martin Barrett

Burien-News has confirmed the City of Burien and King County are in discussion to put a tiny house village on the Seattle City Light Site adjacent to Kennedy Catholic High School. 

Burien Mayor Sofia Aragon communicated today the following: “Seattle City Light Site / Kennedy Catholic High School Update: It is my understanding that the High School Administration and the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle have launched their own investigation into the rumors of a potential 4.75 acre sanctioned encampment and which parties are involved in the possible planning and placement of the proposed use next to a High School (i.e. City of Seattle, King County, City of Burien HumanServices). I am not directly involved in this matter but am tracking it as it relates to the overall problems Burien is currently experiencing as a result of the ineffectiveness of current policies and procedures when it comes to dealing with the homeless crisis.”

Screenshot of text messages coming from Mayor Aragon’s government phone.

On June 14, Mayor Sofia Aragon, speaking of the parcel, said, “I’m sorry that info was shared in the form of a leak. Before making a decision, I require public comment, including input from surrounding neighborhoods and any budget implications discussed during budget adoption in the fall and winter.”

In a letter to the Burien City Manager and Council from April Putney, Deputy King County Executive, dated June 7, 2023, she affirms the county’s support of the failed housing first model, which provides housing to street folks in which continued drug use is accepted. The new Downtown Emergency Services Center is currently under construction in Burien’s downtown core, and the county has offered to help fund a sanctioned tent village. Since these are all three housing first, it would appear that the county is seeking to place a drug village next to a high school. 


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  1. So let me get this straight… you want them tucked away where you don’t have to deal with them… and the city gives you an offer to do that…. And that’s also a problem? If you just want them dead, say that next time. Fewer words and an easier read than whatever this mess is.

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