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City Council Candidate Affirms Non-Profit Work With Homeless

Below is a letter to the editor from a Burien citizen:

I want to applaud the work of the service providers, Kristine Moreland and her
team of More We Love and Joseph Riverson of Samaritan Worldview, who have
volunteered tirelessly for months working with the campers, rescuing teens who
were being trafficked and finding detox and other services for so many of the
campers. I was deeply concerned and disappointed as I witnessed Charles
Schaeffer interfere with the service providers directing many campers away from
treatment options and to set up camp at Dottie Harper Park. His interference
brought Kristine to tears of frustration as at least 3 of the people she had worked
for weeks to receive services changed their minds at the last minute to move to
Schaeffer’s encampment. Tent encampments are dangerous environments for
those living there, and the community, as the camps have encouraged a drug
culture with drug dealers, sex trafficking, drug overdoses, fires and, in other
encampments, stabbings and shootings. We should continue to provide substance
abuse and mental health treatment as viable options for people to move away
from the streets and into compassionate and housed care.

I witnessed Cydney Moore and Charles Schaeffer at the camp the day before as
well. Neither are professionals in mental health and substance abuse care and
treatment. I believe it is important to allow experienced professionals to
successfully work with those struggling with such issues and help to end dangerous
encampments. I understand that REACH and LEAD are doing work with the
unhoused, but I have not seen effective results of their work or even regular
reporting to the city on their successes in Burien. I feel the city should support the
continued work of Kristine Moreland and Joseph Riverson’s organizations who
have proven results with services being provided to the campers.

-Linda Akey

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