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Letter to the Editor on Moore and Schafer

Below is a letter to the Burien City Council and City Manager from a Burien citizen:

Dear Burien City Council and City Manager Bailon,

Every elected office & appointed position in Burien must respect ALL of its citizens, not cater to drug addicts and criminals. 

Charles Schafer and Cydney Moore have done just this, cater to <1% of primarily non-Burien residents, and must have severe consequences for sabotaging the Burien residents, families, businesses, and guests who call Burien home and now continue to be in fear of stepping on needles and overdosing on fentanyl on our public easements, right-ways, and parks. Imagine the catastrophic results if a toddler steps on a needle or picks up a fentanyl-laced tin foil pack. 

These two people have abused their positions to wreak havoc on Burien by arranging for drug addicts and criminals to continue terrorizing our neighborhoods and now our parks. Their involvement in this malicious city-destroying behavior has been confirmed by King County and themselves. 

A “sanctioned tent city” is NOT the answer, as it will grow just as it has in Seattle, Portland, and Spokane. And Burien has zero resources to deal with a problem of that magnitude. A million dollars will not “help” Burien. No tent cities anywhere, anytime in Burien will be acceptable. 

Schafer MUST be removed immediately, and Moore MUST be censured for brazenly colluding to continue the neighborhood terrorism by moving criminals around Burien.

They should be absolutely ashamed, and we can not believe they represent Burien.

They must be held accountable for enabling criminal behavior to fester in Burien.

We will accept nothing short of this.

Darla Green

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  1. Well said, I completely agree. These 2 have thwatred the will of the council multiple times, causing damages to businesses and cost the city 10s of thousands of dollars. As a resident i am furious at these two.

    We will accept nothing less!

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