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Moore and Schaffer Move Campers to New Site

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The dog park at 6th and 152nd has now been cleared of tents. Left behind is a mass of garbage and also a strong odor of human waste. Thankfully, the protest promoted by various Seattle groups did not materialize. A new encampment has begun at Dottie Harper Park.

Dog park at 7:15pm on Thursday

The encampment had grown to house over 100 people, according to campers interviewed just prior to eviction. They claimed several tents had up to five residents and stated that drugs were easily obtained and in constant use.

Jordan, one of the original campers who moved from City Hall, said the camp was unsafe. As the number of tents increased, there was no way to get out in the event a tent fire grew out of hand.

Jordan also spoke long about the folks that came after the initial wave. “The word got out that this was a great place to come. We heard that if we came and stayed, we could be given a room at the new apartment complex. (Jordan pointed at Kinnex Burien.) So with easy drugs and the promise of great housing, folks from all around came to this place. “But they were violent and unsafe people,” said Jordan.

Later three other campers confirmed they had been told by some “city official” to come to the dog park. When given a few names, they each confirmed it was Cydney Moore. They also said they were told permanent housing would be provided in the new Kinnex apartment complex.

It appears as though a new camp is springing up at the behest of Cydney Moore and Charles Schaffer. This one is at Dottie Harper Park. As of Thursday evening, there were seven tents, similar to how the City Hall encampment began. Campers confirmed that they had been directed there by Moore and Schaffer. Campers told this reporter that I had just missed Moores’s visit to the new site.

Dottie Harper Park

Below is a video from The Choe Show regarding this story:

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  1. There are kids playground there, senior apts and skate park across the street, way to go Burien Counsel, what about protecting are residents and children from these drugs and unsightly actions like pooping like they did in the open where they just came from, there are lots of angry people now, check out Nextdoor app

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