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Burien Safeway is Not Safe: Manager Quits Part 1

By Gem of the Sound Reporter

The following is a two-part story of what Safeway Burien employees face daily while trying to do their job. It is based on an extensive interview of several employees, including the store manager, who quit that night due to the abuse they’ve taken.

I tuned in to an interview with Joseph Riverson of Gem of the Sound as he talked with Safeway Manager Carrie Ott (now “former Safeway manager” who has resigned and departed due to the highly dangerous Safeway environment she has worked in).

Safeway is NOT safe! Some Burien citizens are already aware of this, but if you are not, you need to realize you put your life at risk whenever you shop there. Speaking with Carrie and other employees was very shocking to reporter Riverson!

Due to criminals, drug addicts, and homeless people who frequent the store, and very little store security being provided, along with slow police response, there is lots of theft, drug smoking, and defecation right on the store aisles. Out in the parking lot in front of the unsafe Safeway, there is a motor home where drug transactions are going on all day long. Why is nothing being done about this? All the stores in that shopping plaza are dealing with massive theft problems. Sally’s recently had robberies every day of the week; thieves would go in the back room and steal hair trimmers, etc. The list goes on and on!

At “Safeway” in Burien, thievery is constantly occurring; the thieves do not even try to hide their actions because they know there will be no one stopping them and no consequences or arrests. Joseph Riverson said Burien reminds him of Detroit-style lawlessness. Now some stores have put concrete posts in front of their stores to stop cars from crashing right through the windows. (There have been problems with this “car violence” in Burien).

“Safeway” manager Carrie Ott liked her job. However, “I can’t put my life and safety on the line anymore,” she stated. She has been spit on, punched, kicked, and assaulted physically and verbally regularly. She has had her car threatened, and one insane person said he would come back and kill her. Recently she had a glass jar of frozen BBQ sauce thrown at her head. She had to “mace” the criminal to try to deter him.

The second part of this story will be published soon.

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  1. So nice to see coverage that informs us about the dangers that we face as a result of NOT taking every effort to protect
    Burien citizens. When we adopt Seattle’s lawless enforcement of laws on the books what does one expect!

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