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This Mother Has a Reputation as an Extraordinary Baker: Sara Creamer

by Ruth Storkel

Recently I went to a lively women’s dinner fellowship at a home in Normandy Park. There were many women from Burien in attendance. The tables were loaded with a wonderful variety of potluck foods and desserts. Then someone announced, “Sara Creamer is on her way with a strawberry-rhubarb pie!” Everyone’s ears perked up!

“Mmmmm…… Sara Creamer! No one can resist her special home-baked treats!” She soon arrived with a very large pie, and before the night was over, a large portion of it had been finished off.

I decided I needed to get to know Sara Creamer….. I had previously only met her briefly. So I requested an interview with this lovely mother who is a marvelous baker. We met at “Classic Eats” in Olde Burien for a delicious lunch, and I learned many amazing things about Sara!

Sara told me that her experience as a baker began in her youth…..she started out making biscuits, and her family would enjoy eating biscuits with gravy or honey. (These fall in the category of “Comfort Food”).

Sara’s life began in Sunnyside, Washington. Her family lived in Prosser for a number of years; following that, they lived in Roslyn, where her parents still reside. In 2014 Sarah and her husband and son came to Burien, buying a house in the Seahurst area. She loves the combination of mountains and Puget Sound view that Burien neighborhoods provide.

The house they bought has room for a garden and a chickenyard/coop. Three chickens, Penelope, Becky, and Freda, are especially loved by her son, Joseph, who takes the active role of the family “chicken herder.” The family enjoys eating freshly laid eggs daily, and Sara makes her own nutritious chicken feed. For baking projects, she has to buy eggs from the store.

Sarah has a wide variety of experience in baking and making delicious desserts. (Just the name “Creamer” makes one think she must have something to do with cooking and baking! Cream is used in many recipes to add extra richness. And to “cream” something is a term often seen in recipes, meaning “to mix some things together into a soft, smooth substance.”)

I asked Sara if she had a favorite cookbook or cooking show that influences her. She said: “I like to look at vintage and antique cookbooks just because it’s interesting, but I don’t have a favorite……. I like to make up my own recipes by combining different recipes. Then I will test my recipes multiple times until it comes out the way I want it.” Years ago, Sarah did enroll in South Seattle Community College’s “Pastry School.” But overall, she says she is “self-taught” and has learned from her many experiences in different positions she has held.

She worked as a dessert and pastry chef at Suncadia Resort, Cle Elum, making items such as Lava Cakes, Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, and Cheesecakes. It was a very exhausting, demanding job…. there were brunches and winery banquets to prepare food for.

At another time, Sarah had a home-based baking company, making specialty cakes for customers, and also sold her sweets at the Burien Farmer’s Market. Several years ago, she was employed at Burien’s El Dorado West, “wearing several hats,” but eventually working as a cook. The best part of the job was being with the older residents who lived there, she said.

She uses her talents at her church also, Hope Christian Community Church, where she bakes cookies, banana bread, scones, and coffee cake for the “Stirrin” coffee shop 1-2 times a month. Recently Sara served on the Project 614 Team, cooking healthy soup and bread for the homeless of Burien who were coming to receive help as many were relocating to various places. It was an interesting task, taking food that had been donated by various sources and making it into tasty, nutritious meals!

One great thing about having a specialized talent (such as baking) is the opportunity to pass it on to another generation! This year she taught 2 classes weekly to children in the Hope Church Enrichment Class program. Two age groups met with her for 45 minutes each to learn cooking.

Sara has also been teaching her son Joseph, a 7th grader, in homeschool. Joseph especially enjoys the subjects of art and medieval history. During the covid epidemic, it became apparent that some of the school programs Joseph had been attending were unsatisfactory, and Sara decided to try Home Schooling. Now, she loves it and is involved in a larger homeschool co-op of 30 families based out of Grace Church. Next year she will assume more responsibilities as one of the “Directors” of a Tutoring Program. Her priorities have changed; instead of being so involved in “feeding people” sweets and treats, she has a desire to “feed children” academically and spiritually.

A year of home school has been completed, and now Sara and her family look forward to some summer projects: remodeling the kitchen, growing her garden and harvesting its produce (canning and freezing food items), having out-of-town company, etc. Summer is a time to relax and unwind from the busier, more regimented seasons of the year!

When I think of Sara, I am reminded of a woman who is very productive, giving, caring for her family and a blessing to those around her. She is one of those women described in Proverbs 31 of the Bible: “She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband praises her as well. …….A woman who fears the LORD is to be praised; give her the fruit of her hands, and let her works praise her at the gates.” (Proverbs 31: 27, 28,30, 31)

Happy Mother’s Day, Sara!













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