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Gardening: How to Refresh Old Flower Pots

by Zeak Rice

Last year’s pots just sitting around with dead flowers or vegetable stems sticking out?

Here’s how, in general, to refresh them and have them ready for this year:

1. If possible, empty dirt into a tub, wheelbarrow, etc. Stir it up very well to get air/oxygen into the soil. (It may not have dirt in it but
I will call it “soil.”)

2. Add some fertilizer.
a.) Bone meal, blood meal, azomite, all-purpose plant food, organic
fertilizer, or a slow-release chemical fertilizer (so it will not burn roots.}​)
b.) Animal manures. Be sure it has been well-composted, or it might kill or stunt your plants.
Rabbit manure will not burn and is a good source of plant nutrition.
Chicken manure is great, but use it sparingly because it is very strong in nitrogen and can burn the roots.
Cow and horse manure are also good.
If you are using bagged manures, know where you’re getting the manures from. These could bring in lots of pesky, unwanted weeds
and possibly pesticides too
c.) Fresh compost could be added if desired.

3. Mix it all up and fill your pots which are now ready for fresh plants.
Enjoy the growing season!

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