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School Board Testimonial: Washington School District Addresses Prejudice

Testimony at Highline School Board Meeting May 3, 2023
by Patricia Bailey

As stated previously, schools have become indoctrination centers for a new state religion, a sexual identity cult. It promulgates the idea one can be born in the wrong body. This reveals the overt religious nature of this belief system as it posits a body separate from an apparent “soul” and the “soul” being inserted in the mismatched body with different pronouns needed.

You can imagine how uncomfortable it makes students of other faiths and beliefs feel when they are asked their pronouns. They are being invalidated and alienated with this kind of overt bias.

That’s why the recent actions of a southwest Washington School District are so important and present us with changes that can be taken immediately in Highline. The La Center School District has stopped teachers from asking students for their pronouns. Superintendent Rosenkranz explained, “We need to provide an inclusive environment for all our students, including those who think differently…”

Teachers will accommodate students who voluntarily ask the teacher to use names or pronouns different from the ones listed on the school records, but the parents would also be informed of those changes. This way, parents can help their child who may be suffering from depression, undue peer pressure, or other mental issues.

An outside commission agreed with the superintendent, stating that asking students for pronouns could be psychologically damaging at a time in their lives when they are prone to confusion.

Let’s follow La Center School District’s lead to help students feel comfortable in Highline Schools and stop trying to force them into alien beliefs.

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