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On Becoming a Mother: An Original Poem

On Becoming a Mother

by Narnia Girl

To the newest mother
I know:
Though you cannot see
Your child,
You have her
In tow.
Tucked beneath
Your breast,
The beat of your heart
She hears
While at rest.
And she can hear
Your voice,
Her father’s, too,
As she waits
In her little cocoon
Growing and stretching
And sucking
Her thumb,
New things
All day long
Until her night comes.
And she rests
And she sleeps,
Until unbeknownst
To her,
She’ll have an
To keep.
She’ll leave her quiet,
Solitary world
And enter a new one–
With joys
And wonders
And you,
Who were a mother
When your child
You couldn’t see,
Shall find a
To be.
This child will
Be tucked
Under your breast
As you shall see
Though far
And away
This world,
She’ll roam
In your heart
Your child
Has a home.
Though laughter
And tears
And years
Shall pass,
You’ll find
For your child

Love, Mom

(From: “Life Messages from God’s Heart”
Written before knowing if the baby was a boy
or a girl )


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