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Who Benefits Most When Teachers’ Union Members Become Elected Officials in Highline?

By Gem Of The Sound Staff Writer

Here is what Highline Education Association (HEA) President Sandy Hunt had to say in the April 21st issue of E-Focus, the HEA Electronic Publication:

When we VOTE, we WIN!  Please join me in celebrating a HUGE victory for SeaTac Renters.  This would not have happened without our hard-fought battles to elect our very own WEA Social Worker, Iris Guzman to the city council along with a slate of progressive candidates:  Mohamed Egal, Jake Simpson, and Seyanet Negusse.  Similar battles have been waged to support our families with council members in Burien and Des Moines who we backed with WEAPAC donations and doorbelling.

But wait… aren’t teachers’ unions supposed to support TEACHERS?  

It appears that the HEA is more interested in endorsing candidates and political activists than it is in supporting its own overwhelmed members in their role as Highline’s academic educators.  

How many Highline teachers are tired of their union dues to the HEA and WEA (Washington Education Association) being spent on progressive, non-school-related causes?  They love their jobs, but wish they could withdraw from their union and just focus on teaching.  Read HERE about WEA Dues And Hypocrisy.

Fortunately for them, the Freedom Foundation can help teachers to escape their agenda-driven unions, while still retaining the protection and support traditionally provided by union membership.

According to E-Focus (April 21), the HEA is also focused on the upcoming Highline School Board races:

This fall, three of the five most critical Highline school board director races will determine the future of this district.  Directors in District 1 (White Center), District 4 (Normandy Park and SeaTac) and District 5 (Des Moines) will be up for election.  Two of these current board members are WEA members who work in other districts but live in Highline.  The third is a long-time community volunteer. We are waiting to learn if they will run for election. 

King County union members care about the outcomes of local school board races. The MLK Labor Council is offering to support education-friendly, pro-union, anti-racist candidates.

In Solidarity,  

Sandy Hunt 

Any HEA candidate that is supported by their fellow union members to get them elected “In Solidarity”, will most likely vote in favor of policies that benefit their world view.  This may, or may not, align with policies that are best for students, families, business-owners or the greater Highline community.

If you are a voting citizen in Highline, please be aware of the  important elections coming up this year.  We like to think that the 2024 election is the “big one”, but in reality, it is our smaller, local elections that shape how our communities develop.  To help create the Highline Schools you desire, please research the candidates and vote conscientiously.

If you are a teacher in the Highline School District, and you want to STOP SUPPORTING YOUR UNION by WITHDRAWING from the HEA and WEA, you can learn how by visiting the Freedom Foundation HERE.  

There is a growing movement to help teachers stay in the jobs they love, teaching academics to the students, and remain protected and supported in their invaluable service to the children and community.

If this is you, please see this related article in Burien-News for more information.


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