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Highline Teachers, Have You Ever Wished You Could Leave The Union, But Are Not Sure How?

Do you feel bullied by your teachers’ union? Concerned about getting hassled? How would you legally protect yourself and negotiate your contracts without the union? It’s not as hard as you’ve been led to believe.

In Burien, Seatac, and Des Moines, the Highline Educators Association (HEA) continues to endorse progressive candidates. How is this supportive of Highline teachers? Could your union dues be put to better use?

A movement to leave unions is slowly growing across the country, and a phenomenal organization called the Freedom Foundation has built a team of legal minds and education activists to shepherd teachers through the process. The best part is that they’ve rallied donors across the country to pull together the funds to pay all the expenses of any teacher who wants to attend their Teacher Freedom Summit July 10-12 in Denver, CO.



If you know any teachers who might be interested, give them the knowledge of this Summit and remind them that their expenses will be paid for if they apply quickly. They deserve a little vacation to the Rocky Mountains and the camaraderie of being around like-minded educators.


Here’s an excerpt from the conference website:

To prepare teachers to combat the political agenda of the teacher unions, the Freedom Foundation is hosting a first-of-its-kind teacher conference July 10-12, 2023, in Denver, for public school teachers around the country. 

Thanks to the generosity of the Freedom Foundation’s amazing supporters, this ground-breaking conference will cover all expenses for public school teachers.  

Conference attendees will enjoy an amazing lineup of speakers and panels, with airfare, hotel accommodations, and dinners all covered by the Freedom Foundation 

Spots are filling up fast. Don’t miss this opportunity to join teachers from across the nation!! 

Parents—spread the word to any teachers you know who would be interested.

Source – Eryn DeFoort’s article: “America’s Teachers, Do You Wish You Could Ditch Your Union?”

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  1. Government sector unions tend to work against taxpayers. The teacher’s unions are the absolute worst of them all, illegally striking and proliferating radical ideologies at odds with the children they teach. Its no surprise this corresponds to the poor academic outcomes they are offering lately.

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