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Testimony to the Highline School Board: Transgender Religion, April 19, 2023

by Patricia Bailey

Good evening.

Our government, in partnership with the billionaires, has turned our schools into indoctrination centers for a new state religion, a sexual identity cult, where students as young as kindergarten are indoctrinated to deny reality and believe they can choose their gender. Not only that, young converts are celebrated as courageous, heroic, and special when they adopt an unreal identity. This sex cult stands in opposition to the Islamic faith, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, the entire history of the human race, common sense, and medical science, which maintains sex is determined at conception. 

The clergy of this new state religion are deluded politicians, school boards, administrators, and teachers. Members of this religion believe they possess extraordinary virtue because they are inclusive, compassionate, and far superior to the “exclusionary bigots” who won’t buy into the new religion. Cult leaders are oblivious to the irreversible harm they cause children: castration, infertility, mutilation, a life of experimental medical treatments, infirmity, and misery.

An important tenet of their faith is the inferiority of girls. The natural modesty of the female and the need for privacy in restrooms and locker rooms is sacrificed for male dominance at all times, and the female is shamed, targeted, and vilified if she has trouble accepting these invasions.

School boards must stop this madness. This sex identity religion is unconstitutional and cannot be mandated by law. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” 

Thank you.

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    • HI Marco, I asked Patty to respond to your reply. Please see below. She is wondering if you have a specific rebuttal to anything she claims.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

      Here is what is happening with the hormones etc. when children “transition.”

      Whistleblower from a gender clinic who had the nerve to expose the harm to children.

      He could watch some of the multitudes of detransitioners on youtube. They are heart-breaking.

  1. Marco, you have NO science or logical evidence to back up your claim. Labeling is a fallacy of logic yet that is what you are using to “show” the article to be untrue. You have fallen prey to social contagion which is another name for the bandwagon fallacy: “Do X because everybody is doing X.” Don’t be a slave to popular culture.

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