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School Board Testimonial: Low-Performing Schools Hurt Kids

School Board Testimony: April 19, 2023
by Alex Myrick

Good evening, school board directors. These days in certain circles, it is fashionable, and even virtually required, to denigrate Western Civilization and America’s Founding Fathers. Today’s progressive elites are thought of as enlightened and superior to previous generations. To provide context to this mentality, please consider that 120 years ago, American high schools taught Latin and Greek. For the last couple of generations, our universities have been teaching remedial English. I didn’t have a new car until I was 50, but when I started driving as a teenager, the new car’s owner’s manuals gave instructions for adjusting the valves. Today, the owners’ manuals warn the owner not to drink the contents of the battery. Can there be any doubt that America has been dumbed down?

Washington State has over 6,000 schools dispersed among 63 school districts. This last month, OSPI released a list of the 120 lowest-performing schools in the state. The overwhelming majority of districts have no schools on this embarrassing list. Our own Highline District has not one, not two, not three, but four schools on this list.

You directors have very limited responsibility for creating this situation, but you do have primary responsibility for addressing it. Your own teachers have stood here and told you they don’t have time to teach everything they are asked to teach. Priorities must be re-examined! It’s time to end the focus on Social Emotional Learning and sexual experimentation. We need to return to equality of opportunity, instead of chasing after equity of outcome, which is not only unachievable, but the pursuit of which demands racism, itself. Let’s get back to the basics of teaching our children literacy, math, and genuine science.

Thank you.

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