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Seven Cities Criminalize Drug Use

Letter to the Editor:

It is time for the leaders of Burien to take back our city. I no longer frequent businesses in the downtown core because of Burien’s tent city and the open drug use. It is not a safe environment.

The following cities have an ordinance to criminalize drug use in public: Lakewood, Bellingham, Marysville, Arlington, Kennewick, Richland, and Mill Creek. There may be more if someone does the research. The goal of this ordinance is not to criminalize people but to encourage them to seek treatment. I noticed one Burien tent city occupant who was interviewed stated he did not accept services because “there were too many rules.” Sometimes tough love is needed to encourage people to seek help!

Tacoma banned camping and storage of personal belongings within certain areas of the city. How can Burien allow a tent city with open drug use across the street from a taekwondo business with many children attending classes? An ordinance needs to be adopted that bans camping on city property.

Obviously, there are solutions to protect our children, residents, and businesses. Please take time to do research on how other cities are protecting the safety of children, residents, and businesses.


a Concerned Citizen

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