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Burien City Council Special Meeting Scheduled to Call Schaefer to Account

By Ruth Storkel

The Burien City Council is being called to a special meeting Monday, April 10, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. Citizens of Burien are invited to attend this important meeting!

The City Manager’s Office called for this hearing to discuss and scrutinize Planning Commission Chair Charles Schaefer’s unauthorized actions regarding moving the Burien homeless residents to the dog park.

The statement coming from the City Manager’s Office states: “The council wants to discuss options to address the actions of Planning Commission Chair Charles Schaefer in moving unhoused residents to the municipal property without seeking any input from Burien City Council or the City Manager. The council may wish to discuss whether Chair Schaefer’s actions undermined council authority, council process, trust, or other concerns.”

The notice from the manager’s office continues, stating:

“At a future meeting, and perhaps after a hearing, the council could consider censuring Chair Schaefer for undermining the council process and possibly exposing Burien to legal liability; removing Chair Schaefer as the chair of the Planning Commission; removing Chair Schaefer from the Planning Commission; any other appropriate response that Burien may consider.”

For all concerned about the issues involved in this cruel placement of the homeless in this toxic dog park in Burien, we encourage you to attend this special council meeting! Keep letting your voice be heard!

(*Read Gem of the Sound article, “Cydney Moore Moves Homeless to Toxic Site,” April 3, 2023)

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  1. Without a healthy downtown core of small businesses a City decays and recovering from that takes years if it recovers at all. Actions taken without their input shows no compassion for the people that have their livelihoods at stake. Higher interest rates, recession here or forthcoming are just a few of the hardships our businesses will have to face.

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