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Easter Reflections: The First Easter

“The First Easter”

The little children played along the dusty road
In that far-distant land,
And there came One who was their friend,
Who walked with them and took them by the hand;
And helped them over stony ways,
And wiped away their tears,
And told them of a bright and happy land
Where they might live with Him
Through all the endless years.
I know the little children cried
The day their loving Savior died.

Then He arose! How beautiful the day!
The birds sang sweeter,
The flowers bloomed more brightly;
Each life was blessed on that first Easter Day.
Now children everywhere, at work, at play,
Sing praises to God that Jesus lives
And will no more depart;
Oh, let us make a home for Him, within our hearts.

by Wilma Tilden Baker,(1950’s)
Grandmother of Ruth Storkel

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