Home Education Highline School Board Summary: 03/15/2023 

Highline School Board Summary: 03/15/2023 

Highline School Board Summary: 03/15/2023 

Board Meeting  Agenda

Board Special Meeting Special Meeting Recording

Board Meeting  Recording

Board Meeting Transcript

Roll Call:

President Van – present

Vice President Alvarez – excused absence

Director Howell- present

Director Hagos – excused absence 

Director Garcia – participated on the phone

Superintendent Duran – present


National Autism Month – Read by Director Howell

  • Stated 1 in 59 children are being diagnosed with autism nationally but still no cure. Early intervention is important and some kids require support throughout their lifetime
  • April 2023 –  Designated as National Autism Awareness Month
  • Laura Giddings, Assistant Director of Behavior Intervention Support – said autism does not make a student unable to learn, but educators need to learn how to meet their needs

Community Partner, Girls Inc.  (ESSER fund supported)

  • Nikki Fogerty – Manager of Community Partnerships 
  • Girls Inc. works with “female-identified students” at Cascade, Mount View and Shorewood

Scheduled Communications: 

  1. James Payne  (Anti-Racism) Highline Parent, Spoke about the Board’s approval of ANEW during the last Board Meeting. He says it discriminates against white male children. Stated there is no such thing as good racism. Reported on results of a FOIA request on equity Policy 0100. Equity policy 0100 had no records prior to its implementation to support the claim that it was based on measurable system wide inequities in achievement and institutional bias. 
  2. Alex Myrick  (Parental Rights) Recalled the letter sent by the National School Board Association (NSBA) to President Biden, comparing vocal parents at school board meetings to domestic terrorists and directing the FBI to take action.  He said the Highline School District should sever their relationship with the NSBA as parents have every right to express displeasure with educational policies and practices. He talked about the companies like Panorama surveying children and expressed concerns over privacy and selling of student data. Encouraged Highline to adopt a Parent Rights policy and he made suggestions for what to include.
  3. Deborah Lipp (Equity Symposium) HSD Bus Driver – Spoke about direct experience seeing the harmful results of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and equity policy. Said kids are divided and not treating employees well. She named Pacific, Glacier and Mount Rainier as places where she is seeing the harmful effects of CRT and equity policies.
  4. Patricia Bailey (Goal Setting Document) – Quoted a slide from the powerpoint presentation at the last School Board Retreat. “We’re trying to disrupt the discourse and the legacy of our entire society so that we can do almost anything. We have the permission to be transformational.” She challenged the wisdom of that statement and said when a school district embraces a radical political agenda the only thing left is for parents to remove their children. Asked School Board Directors to defund school reform and focus on academics.
  5. Katie Kresly (Strategic Plan) Attended March 10th Board Retreat. Complimented  School Board Directors on goals for 2013. Reported in 2017 that Highline was not meeting metrics so the Board seemed to move away from specific goals. Asked Board Directors to return to SMART goals, things that are specific, measurable, achievement, relevant, and within a certain time frame. Wants the Board to move towards measurable academic progress and parental involvement.
  6. Andi Newman (Mental Health Crisis in School) Teacher at Tyee. Shared a list of the variety of mental health challenges she sees in her students. Concerned that they cannot learn while experiencing this trauma. She called for more counselors and social workers.
  7. Bonnie Radelich (Curriculum) Addressed Board Directors and reminded them of their grave responsibility and accountability in passing policies particular in the curriculum.  Referred them to wisdom found in scripture when making decisions.  Matthew 18:6. “If anyone causes one of these little ones, those who believe in me, to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble. Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come.” Isaiah 5:20. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.” Thank you. 
  8. Annemarie Kebre (School Clinics) She talked about the HealthPoint Clinics at Evergreen, Highline and Tyee High Schools from the angle of a concerned community member and tax payer. Reminded Board Directors of poor academic rates for Highline according to OSPI and asked several direct questions about the full implications mainly on budget and academic outcomes of maintaining onsite health clinics.

Superintendent’s Update: 

Labor Partner Update – Highline Association of Washington School Principals, Robin Lamoureux, President

  • Principals and APs are preparing RAM presentations, Resource Alignment Meetings, and drafting 2023-24  annual school improvement plans. Through this process, we reflect on the current year, resources, progress and outcomes, and begin to determine the plans, the resources, the directions, and the data-driven focus for next year. 
  • Invited teachers, staff, parents, community and students to weigh in on the plans.

Evergreen High School General Contractor/Construction Manager Presentation

  • Ellie Daneshnia,  Executive Director of Capital Planning and Construction for Highline School District. She and her team described their plans to execute the Evergreen High School Project. Expected to be ready for September 2025 school year.
  • During the January 4th board meeting, they selected an alternative construction delivery method for the Evergreen High School project, which is General Contractor/Construction Management, also known as GC/CM. This approach incorporates contractor expertise in the planning phase, and ideally results in efficient, on-time project completion. Cornerstone General Contractor was selected based on qualifications and construction process.

School Board Reports:

Legislative Report: None

Director Reports:  None

Consent Agenda: (Approved 3/0)

Approval of Minutes: 

Approval of Payroll Warrants and  Accounts Payable Vouchers Directors Alvarez and Hagos

Approval of Personnel Report

Approval of 2022-23 School Board Meeting Calendar Change: Adding a regular board meeting on July 12, 2023, 12:00 p.m.

Items Moved to Consent Agenda: (Approved 3/0)

8.1  Motion to Approve Project and Construction Management Service for the Tyee High School Replacement Project with CBRE/HEERY

Approval of this motion would approve entering into a contract with CBRE/HEERY in the amount of $1,941,495.47 for the project, and construction management support services for the Tyee High School replacement project

8.2 Motion to Approve Project and Construction Management Service for the Pacific Middle School Replacement Project with Vanir Construction Management Inc.

Approval of this motion would approve entering into a contract with Vanir Construction Management in the amount of $2,844,290 for the project, and 

construction management support services for the Pacific Middle School Project

8.3 Motion for Approval of Program Management Services with Vanir Construction Management Inc. (revised since intro)

Approval of this motion would approve entering into a contract with Vanir Construction Management in the amount of $896.425 for program management support services for the 2022 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), including a new Evergreen High School, Tyee High School, and Pacific Middle School projects.

Action Items: none

Introduction and Action Items: none

Introduction Items:

10.1 Motion to Approve Resolution 14-23 Settlement in Juul litigation

In April 2022 the School Board approved Highline to enter into a class action lawsuit against Juul and Altria, alleging that the companies illegally targeted underage children to induce them to purchase and use vaping devices. Juul has agreed to a tentative settlement of the lawsuit; Altria has not, and so the litigation against Altria continues. Proceeds (approximately $350,000) will continue our work to educate our students about the harm caused by vaping.   

Approval of this motion would approve Resolution 14-12 authorizing the Superintendent to execute the necessary documents to finalize the settlement with Juul. 

Adjourned at 6:47 pm



School Board Special Meeting – Work Session, March 29, 2023   4:20pm – 5:50pm

School Board Meeting: March 29, 2023, 6:00 PM 

General Meeting Information:

  • Highline School Board meetings are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 6 PM in the Central Office Boardroom. 
  • Community members can give  New (two-minute) verbal commentary in Scheduled Communications. 
  • Call the District Office at 206-631-3070  New  (Sign up begins at 9:00 a.m. on the Monday of the week of a Board meeting; sign up closes at 9:00 a.m. on the day of the meeting.on the day of the meeting in order to be included on the agenda.) 
  • Board Meetings can be  viewed via Live stream.

District Calendar of Events


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