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Testimonial to Highline District School Board: 3/15/23

Below is a testimony to The Highline School Board, it is presented as the author intended:

Testimonial to Highline District School Board
by Alex Myrick
March 15, 2023

Good evening, Superintendent Duran and School Board members,

Several recent trends in education give cause for grave concern: The National School Board Association wrote to President Biden comparing vocal parents at school board meetings to “domestic terrorists,” leading to the Attorney General directing the FBI to take action. This was a massive and unconscionable smear. Terrorists, domestic or otherwise, do not call in with their names and addresses and schedule themselves to appear and testify in public. Parents have every right to make known their displeasure towards educational policies and practices. The Highline School District should sever its relationship with the NSBA!

Companies such as Panorama, cofounded by the Attorney General’s son-in-law, are allowed to survey students on a multitude of subjects, starting with Social Emotional Learning and moving on to other topics virtually unrelated to education. This amounts to districts selling information that should remain confidential to a private company, which can then exploit our children for profit.

A Parents Bill of Rights Act is currently before Congress. It is mostly common sense, but as you may have noticed, common sense has become increasingly uncommon. Regardless of whether it is enacted into law, it should be implemented locally at HSD. It includes the right to know what children are being taught, with curriculum information publicly posted, along with a list of books and reading material available in the school library, and the right to see school district budgets, including all revenues and expenditures; the right to protect the privacy of children. Student data should not be sold for commercial purposes. Parents must consent before a medical or mental health exam takes place at school and before students are surveyed. Parents have the right to keep their children safe. Schools must notify parents of violent activity occurring on school grounds!

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