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Environment News from the City of Burien

Below is a message from the City of Burien:

Environment News
from the City of Burien

Stay involved with Burien Environmental happenings on the Community Hub
The Burien Community Hub is your one-stop place to learn about ways to get involved with active City planning processes, explore data, and learn more about our community. Explore projects related to the environment by using the “Environment” filter on the Projects page!

Environmental Events and Opportunities 

Paid Forest Steward Positions Available
The Green Burien Partnership Forest Stewards program brings resources, training, and leadership opportunities to communities underrepresented in urban forestry. Green Burien Partnership Forest Stewards adopt a park and receive training, tools, and materials to do environmental restoration with friends, family, and neighbors. Because not everyone is able to provide unpaid volunteer labor, we are launching a paid forest steward program for those who live near Arbor Lake Park, Hilltop Park, Salmon Creek Park, or Salmon Creek Ravine. Learn more and apply today!

Inspire the next generation of environmental stewards and motivate students to care about stormwater and their local streams! We are seeking community members to support StormFest, an interactive stormwater festival for Highline Public Schools 6th grade students. We are recruiting educators, interpreters, and volunteers. We offer stipends for participation as an educator or interpreter! If you are interested in learning more, contact us at HighlineStormFest@gmail.com or (425) 686-8107.

Looking for a way to volunteer during the winter months in Burien? Join your neighbors across the City in the Adopt-a-Drain program! This is a simple and impactful way to protect our environment here in Burien. Sign up and name your drain and be sure to follow Adopt-a-Drain WA on Facebook for inspiration and interesting facts.Volunteer Event

Help care for Burien’s forests by joining an upcoming volunteer event. We currently have events scheduled on March 18, March 25, and for Earth Day on April 22, with more to come! Learn more and register online.

Burien Environmental News and Information

Tree Tip
Keep an eye out for noxious weeds climbing trees. Did you know that vines like old man’s beard and ivy can increase the likelihood of your tree falling over in winter? These vines can act as a “sail” which may cause trees to fall over. Vines also obscure cavities and other abnormalities making it difficult for professionals to determine if there is an issue with the tree. Learn more at King County noxious weeds.

Burien Neighborhood Matching Fund
In February, we wrapped up the planting for the 2022 Neighborhood Matching Fund. Burien residents and partners planted 420 trees and shrubs over the course of three planting projects. This planting will help increase and improve equitable canopy cover across three land use types: school property, right-of-way, and park property. Additionally, it helps bring the community together while making Burien more sustainable and attractive. We are in the process of planning for the 2023 Neighborhood Matching Fund, please reach out to planning@burienwa.gov if you have ideas for planting projects!

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  1. We talk about green, but you let all the automobiles and other personal property upon a wetland a critical area south side of Three Tree Point as an example of extreme corruption. Is it too big to fail? The corruption gets to continue on and on? We are destroying the clam beds, the crab, the shrimp, and the survival of the Pacific Northwest salmon good job, Birien, good job Southside Three Tree Point, private property owners that’s the way to steal government land by deception, and then Stonewall everyone and refused to move your personal items out of the public right of way you have the money to do it the homeless have no other means .
    I have asked the city and the private property owners to move their personal items they have not moved them to my satisfactory that’s in direct violation of a federal lawsuit Soderlind versus Haigh

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