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Testimony to Highline School Board: 3/1/23

School Board Testimonial by Patty Bailey-March 1,2023

Good evening.

Some Highline policies and procedures are destructive to education.

Policy 10 seeks to indoctrinate children into believing this is a racist country pitting children against each other, causing more racism. We will never eradicate racism any more than we will eradicate lying, murder, or stealing. Still, we need to possess the intelligence to appreciate the widespread embrace of all ethnicities in our institutions and elected offices nationwide, for example, our school board. Policy 10 poisons children’s relationships and dispirits students of color regarding their ability to succeed in this country.

Another destructive policy is Policy 3211. It indoctrinates children, contrary to reason and science, to believe they can change their sex, which was determined at conception. This policy leads children into obsessive thinking about sex and prevents high academic achievement.

Policy 3211 also requires teachers to withhold students’ mental health information from parents—destroying the parent-teacher partnership. It gives students the idea that there are certain things they can or should keep from their parents, thus undermining that relationship, too. This is known as “grooming behavior.”

In allowing boys into girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, this policy also denies girls adequate protection from voyeurism and indecent exposure.

All this is going on in a district where only 33% of the students met Language Arts Standards, and only 22% met Math Standards. These academic outcomes condemn children to a lifetime of poverty and unfulfilled potential!

Highline needs to defund the deceptive reforms and, perhaps, hire tutors to get students where they need to go.


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