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Post Burien City Council Meeting Fellowship Starts with Momentum!

Photo Credit: Dean Orrico

John White and Rick Sands hosted their first PBCCMF gathering Tuesday evening, February 21, after testimonies at the Burien City Council Meeting. The gathering was at Marlaina’s backroom Speakeasy. Mediterranean food, wine, and live music were provided. Those in attendance, about 30, conversed as friends about Burien, the city council, agendas, and concerns about our city. It was relaxed and informal.

“Our goal is to increase the number of people who attend city council meetings and speak their minds. We have noticed that only one or two people attend the City Council meetings to speak out. We hope to increase the numbers and build a fellowship with fellow Burienites.

Our fellowship will offer one free drink and a soft opening of “Bosendorfer’s” (a speakeasy behind the Marlaina’s restaurant on 152nd just up the street from City Hall.) We will have live music and free food. Each person that attends the City Council meeting to join in support of saving the Eagle Landing stairs,(or even if they do not support the Eagle Landing stairs) will receive one free ticket good for one drink plus free food and live music.

Please come to the Council meeting at 7 o’clock. If you plan to speak, please go online and register or you can come to the city council meeting early and register at that time. You do not have to speak to receive the free drink and invite to the soft opening.
Perhaps you want to speak about the sudden changes on Ambaum Boulevard, or you wish to speak in support of saving the stairs at Eagle Landing Park. You may want more sidewalks in Burien, or you’d like the sewer systems fixed. It doesn’t matter what your concern is; we are here to support you. Come join us and let’s talk while eating good food, drinking good wine, and listening to great music”, said White.

“The 21st was our first PBCCMF gathering. We had 30 friends who love our city, are willing to get involved, and enjoy friendship, good food, wine, and fun music. We hope this will grow and influence the direction of Burien. Please come and join us on the 27th”, an upbeat White told the Gem.

White and Sands will host again after testimony on Monday, February 27.

Marliana’s backroom Bosendorfer’s Speakeasy
643 SW 152nd St, Burien, WA 98166
Music starts at 7:45 p.m.
Enter and ask to be directed to the speakeasy.

See you soon!

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