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Hidden Health Issues: Mercury Poisoning

Things have changed a lot since the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were surrounded by plants and clean, fresh air in the garden. They ate a diet of fresh, organic foods and pure water. They had no mercury fillings, mercury-contaminated water, and mercury-contaminated fish. They had absolutely no stress until they ate the wrong piece of fruit!

In today’s world, we have a tremendous amount of toxic overload we’re dealing with, from the mercury used to fill our teeth to the mercury used as a preservative in our vaccines. Mercury is found in our soil, water, and food supply; because methylmercury contaminates our waters, large amounts are found in fish. Mercury is also found in cosmetics, fabric softeners, inks, latex, some medications and paints, plastics, solvents, and wood preservatives (to name a few). We live in a very toxic world and have little knowledge about what is harmful, how to avoid these toxins, and how to cleanse our bodies from these toxins. This world is not like the Garden of Eden anymore!

Mercury poisoning is another one of the hidden health issues along with candida and parasites. Mercury is one of the most toxic of all the heavy metals. According to the World Health Organization, amalgam (silver) dental fillings are the primary source of mercury exposure. More than 180 million Americans have mercury dental fillings in their mouths. Think about how the ocean waves erode the shoreline with the continuous action of the waves. This is just how the saliva in our mouths works on our silver dental fillings. As these fillings break down over the years, our bodies get filled with unwanted toxic metals. (Oh my, who knew?!)

One amalgam filling can release 3 to 17 micrograms of mercury each day. The mercury vapor released from our dental amalgams combines with chemicals in the mouth to create minute amounts of toxic methylmercury; this is not good! This methylmercury is
absorbed through the tissues of the mouth and air passages; then transported through the blood to the brain and other body tissues. (Really, really not good!) A few of the diseases caused by mercury poisoning are: autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, infections, depression, skin eruptions, hair loss, insomnia, joint pain, and dementia. (We don’t want any of these “little darlings,” so an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!)

When I went to a naturopathic doctor for the first time, she immediately talked to me about removing my mercury fillings, something I had never heard of before. I located a naturopathic dentist specializing in removing silver amalgams from the mouth. (It is important to find a naturopathic dentist who will take special precautions in removing the silver from your mouth, thereby limiting toxic exposure while doing the process.) So, bit by bit, I had my fillings removed and replaced with porcelain fillings. Now I also take the supplement Chlorella the day before I go to the dentist and two days after I return, to purge my body of any toxins I might have been exposed to at the dentist. Chlorella is an oral chelating supplement.

If you think you could be suffering from mercury toxicity, have a hair analysis performed. This can detect toxic levels of mercury and other heavy metals. A naturopathic doctor can take your hair sample and send it away for analysis. Treatment of mercury poisoning can be treated with chelation therapy. Chelation therapy removes toxic metals from the body. You can take oral Chelation therapy at home or intravenous solutions that a physician or a naturopathic doctor must administer. Their chelators draw out toxic metals and other harmful substances from the body.

If you are interested in further study, there’s a book called “It’s All in Your Head .”This book provides extensive research on the toxic effects of mercury from dental amalgams. The author, Hal Huggins, found links between mercury toxicity and many debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, and lupus. The information is available for those who want to know.

I hope that this information will be helpful on your journey to better physical and mental health.

Blessings, Nana

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