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Not Again!

Photo Credit: Dean Orrico

By Martin Barrett

Is This About Burien?

Posting an article about Seattle in Burien’s Gem may seem odd. However, clear-headed observation over the years notes that what starts in Seattle comes to Burien. Recent Burien City Councils find Dow Constantine’s agenda for our city to their liking. 

We should not be surprised. Constantine raised most of Jimmy Matta’s campaign donations, over $100,000, and employs Hugo Garcia. 

Therefore we submit this as a predawn warning to all who love our city. Watch for this Social Housing Model to pop up in the Planning Commission and the City Council agenda. Watch for the hand of Dow Constantine and others who want to move Seattle’s issues onto the backs of the residents of Burien. We have seen this with DESC, a Seattle disaster coming to our downtown core courtesy of current city council members Jimmy Matta, Hugo Garcia, Kevin Schilling, Cyndey Moore, Sofia Aragon, and 2023 Candidate Krystal Marx. 

Social Housing in Seattle

For those wondering if there is any precedent for Social Housing in its various forms, seeking a model of success, one only has to look at past government attempts. Here is a link to the story of Cabrini Green in Chicago. 

Seattle Times believes Social Housing is a bad idea. “There is no price tag because funding is uncertain. Its business model is unrealistic. Its governing structure unworkable.”

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  1. Do you actually think that a homeless person is capable of taking care of a condo? You can’t just shell out to the homeless when their problems of drug and alcohol use hasn’t been addressed. The citizens of Burien need to vote against this proposal because if they don’t, crime will only increase. I believe it has already. I lived in Burien for 31 years but it isn’t a place where I would want to live. Merrill Gardens’ residents will be greatly affected. Let’s vote in people who actually care about our citizens’ rights. This State is definitely lacking good leadership!

    • I agree with you. The thinking around this is so flawed that it must end up with more suffering to the vulnerable and wasted taxpayer funds. Thank you for responding. Please pass the story on to all your friends.

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