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It’s a Great Time for Armchair Gardening!

By Marie Jones

During these last weeks of winter, the upcoming garden season may be on your mind. Some of you may head out to get a few quick tasks done on a clear day. But when it’s not an ideal day for being outside in the rain and very cold weather, you can still “garden” inside; I came up with the term “Armchair Gardening.” (This concept occurred to me some years ago when I was teaching third through sixth-grade horticulture classes.) I’d have the students come up with ideas of things to do when we had to stay inside because of the weather.

On a cold, blustery day, take a break, curl up in a warm armchair with something hot to drink, and dream about your spring and summer garden. Have a cozy blanket, a journal, or an online device in hand and start coming up with ideas and plans for your yard.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Order seeds – there are so many great sites online. A couple of favorites include Territorial Seed Company and Renee’s Garden Seeds. A great catalog to pick up at Barnes and Noble is “The Whole Seed Catalog,” or you can order it here: “Rare Seeds.” It’s extra-thick and beautiful to finger through.
2. Great garden online sites to check out: “Gardens Alive” has many organic and environmentally responsible products. “Gardener’s Supply Company” has been a favorite for years. Go here for 52 top gardening websites.
3. Sit down to a stack of great books with beautiful pictures for inspiration or information to grow your garden knowledge. You can always order them from the library or treat yourself to a new read. Some good titles – “Blooms & Dreams,” “The Secrets in the Soil,” and “Your Well-Being Garden.”
4. Attend the Northwest Flower and Garden Show and bring home lots of ideas and goodies to pour over on one of those cold, damp days slated for staying inside.
5. Do a Google search on topics of interest, such as seed starting, flowerbed layout, how to grow local veggies, and pest control.
6. If you get sleepy, take a nap.
Spring is just around the corner, so enjoy the slower days of “Armchair Gardening” before you head outside for another wonderful season in your yard.
Happy Gardening!
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