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Tonight’s City Council Meeting Agenda (2/13/2023)

Agenda 02/13/2023

Special Meeting – Beginning at 5:30 PM

Interview Five Candidates for the Human Services Commission to Fill Five Positions

Regular Meeting – Beginning at 7:00 PM

Business Agenda

Adoption of Ordinance No. 811 – Amending BMC 5.63.070(1)

  • The first paragraph of BMC 5.63.070(1), Burien’s “Just Cause” ordinance, states, “Owners of housing units shall not evict or attempt to evict any tenant, or otherwise terminate or attempt to terminate the tenancy of any tenant or refuse to renew or continue the rental agreement after the expiration of the rental agreement unless the owner can prove in court that just cause exists.” It also states in the last line of the first paragraph, “The reasons for termination of tenancy listed below, and no others, shall constitute just cause under this section.” (Underline added.) The sentence noted above, and the underlined clause, immediately above, are inconsistent with RCW Chapter 59.12 and 59.18 which permit an owner to not renew a rental agreement after the expiration of the lease without cause.
  • Because Burien’s ordinance prohibits what the state law permits, the Court of Appeals, Division I, affirmed the trial court decision and concluded that BMC 5.63.070(1) is preempted to the extent that it conflicts with the RCW.
  • Suggested Motion: Move to adopt Ordinance No. 811 to remove provisions that cause a preemption issue

Appointment of Human Services Commission Positions

  • The purpose of this agenda bill is for Council to appoint candidates to fill five Human Services Commission positions. Candidates will have been interviewed in the 5:30 Special Meeting.
  • Suggested Motion: Move to appoint [4 Candidates] to Position Nos. 1, 3, 5, and 7, with terms expiring on March 31, 2027 and [1 Candidate] to Position No. 4, with a term expiring on March 31, 2026, of the Human Services Commission

Presentation of the BEDP 2022 Annual Report and 2023 Proposed Work Plan

  • Presented by Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager & Kim Davis, BEDP Vice Chair.
  • The Plan is attached to the agenda bill on the Burien website BEDP Proposed Work Plan – PDF

City of Burien Small Business Economic Recovery Grant Program

  • Presented by Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager & Lorraine Chachere, Economic Development Specialist
  • The purpose of this agenda item is for Council to receive an update on the City of Burien Small Business Economic Recovery Grant program made possible by funding through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Discussion of City Manager Performance Evaluation and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Performance Deliverables

  • Presented by Connie Roberts, HR Analyst
  • On November 21, 2022, Council held a kick-off meeting with Nash Consulting for the purpose of creating a performance evaluation tool for the City Manager. In the last nine weeks, various City Council Members participated in a number of workshops with the consultant and Human Resources to develop the City Manager Performance Evaluation form and process.
  • The City Manager Evaluation form is in its final draft, however, due to the importance of Burien’s DEI efforts, the workgroup requested the full Council participate in the development of this section of performance indicators.
  • Performance Evaluation DEI Section – PDF

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