Home Local Government City Council Regular Meeting Summary: 01/30/2023

City Council Regular Meeting Summary: 01/30/2023

City Council Regular Meeting Summary: 01/30/2023

Roll Call: All members present but H. Garcia (excused)
Proclamations: Lunar New Year Proclamation

Agenda Confirmation

Item 1

  • C. Moore moved to remove the adoption of Ordinance No. 811 from the Business Agenda which would strike the unconstitutional clause prohibiting eviction of tenants after the expiration of rental agreements from Burien Municipal Code (BMC) 2.35. This was done on the grounds of inadequate public notice via the agenda, based on an incorrect reference to RCW 59.12 & 59.18 (referenced as BMC’s in the agenda).
  • **Vote: 5 yea (C. Moore, K. Schilling, S. Aragon, S. Moore, J. Matta) – 1 nay (S. Mora)


City Manager

  • Port of Seattle seeks representatives of member cities from STaRT (Stakeholder Advisory Round Table) to fly in to Washington to lobby on their own behalf. K. Schilling and S. Moore volunteered to attend. Interested community members encouraged to speak with Burien staff.
  • Information regarding policing options and the staircase at Eagle’s Landing is still being worked on for future presentations.

Public Comment

  • Anna D. – Ambaum Corridor Plan – Long-time resident prior to Burien’s foundation; opposed to residential high-density rezoning called for in the plan; single-family homes in an established neighborhood. Contradictory zoning, called for filling downtown apartments first.
  • Joann P. – Ambaum Corridor Plan – Resident of proposed “red zone”, only area in Burien that is being rezoned from single-family homes to high-density housing; first time she has heard about it, even though it has been being worked on since 2021. Called for rejection of the plan until the public has had a chance to give feedback.
  • John W. – Eagle’s Landing Park – Thanked council for putting discussion on the agenda; cited collapsed bridges in 1994 at Santa Monica following an earthquake. He was involved in the rebuilding and says that the stairs are easy work, and will continue to give his feedback.
  • Marilyn Y. – Repeal of Unconstitutional Fixed-Term Leases – Small-scale rental housing offers diversity of rental housing types and affordability, equitable ownership/generational wealth for BIPOC people and immigrants, anti-displacement. Longest lasting eviction moratorium and hastily rushed changes to landlord/tenant law have dealt a heavy blow to rental housing. Ask landlords and developers whether current set of laws is encouraging more rental housing or is a barrier.
  • Rick S. – Eagle Landing Park – Calling for discussion & repairs to happen on the park which is very important to the community
  • Serina N. – Ambaum Corridor Plan – Rents will likely double as a result, cited $3000 Maverick 2 bed/2 bath price; not affordable and not enough space for families. Re-zoning disproportionately forces out people of color, and displaces people in general.
  • Kathy P. – Ambaum Corridor Plan – Against rezoning up to 7 story buildings, cited 1st Ave & 112th highrise, creates “canyons”, broken sightlines, extra traffic on 2 lane roads. Negative impact to neighborhoods. Suggested developing on undeveloped/underdeveloped parcels on 11th Ave SW between 146th and 142nd, and 149th/150th between 8th and 6th SW, closer to bus line and existing apartments.
  • Kelsey V. – Burien Severe Weather Shelter – Raise awareness on when the shelter is open, and calls for volunteers based on when it is open.
  • Tori N. – Ambaum Corridor Plan – Opposes rezoning of Ambaum corridor; resident of the area, found out about it from his neighbor. Not communicated to the community in his opinion. Targets middle income neighborhoods, people of color, income disparities; will push people out of the area. Plan seeks to grow population without addressing supporting areas like roads and police.
  • Charles S. – Encouraged concerned parties to attend planning committee meetings to provide input on draft Ambaum Corridor plan. Policing – In agreement with S. Mora in regards to reviewing model for policing. Disagrees with the point that Sheriff’s office is too political, politics will not go away even with a local department. Policing consists of over half the city budget and should be given due attention. Requests feedback and hopes to see discussion on future agendas.
  • Marc O. – Ambaum Corridor Plan – In support of Option 3, enhanced version. New resident, architect; Moved to Burien from Seattle due following his area being “upzoned”. Housing is essential and addresses homelessness; plan is thoughtfully made and should be implemented.
  • Ginele L. – Blvd Park – Lack of adequate infrastructure led to environmental impacts; Mentioned flood study in Environmental Impact Review; current problems exist and should be addressed, before planning for future. Implement identified fixes as soon as possible.
  • Daniel M. – Severe Weather Shelter – thanked for Burien’s funding and support; all 50 beds were filled the previous night. Donate at buriensws.org. ## Consent Agenda
  • Approved 4 Yeas (C. Moore, K. Schilling, S. Aragon, S. Moore) – 1 Abstention (S. Mora)

Business Agenda

Ambaum and Boulevard Park Community Plans

  • Draft subarea plan, zoning and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) were presented to the council.
  • Walkable business districts drive land use and zoning recommendations
  • Gathering spaces, support of community events, sidewalks, public art
  • Improve food access in Blvd Park
  • New multi-family, mixed use and commercial zones; affordable housing
  • Provide additional stormwater detention facilities
  • Housing affordability proposals include required inclusionary housing (specified income levels with new development), Multi-Family Tax Exemption for developers, Development bonuses.
  • Planning and commission meetings continue through March 2023
  • Subarea plan to be introduced to Council by May 2023
  • Adoption of Subarea Plan in June 2023; Adoption of Zoning changes September 2023
Ambaum Plan Proposals
  • Alternative 1 – No Action
  • Alternative 2 – “Focused Intent” – converts entire Ambaum corridor primarily to Mixed Use Low zoning with some Residential Medium zones surrounding.
  • Ambaum Alternative 3 – “Expansive Intent” – converts about half of the corridor to Mixed Use High zoning, and much Residential High and Medium zoning extending 2-3 blocks in from Ambaum.
  • All plans explore anti-displacement programs & transportation improvements
Boulevard Park Plan Proposals
  • Alternative 1 – No Action
  • Alternative 2 – “Focused Intent” – 4 Mixed Use High zones off Des Moines Memorial Dr. between 114th and 120th, with some surrounding Residential Medium zones. Mixed Use Low near 128th.
  • Alternative 3 – “Expansive Intent” – 4 Mixed Use High zones + 5-6 smaller Mixed Use High zones surrounding them, encircled by Residential Medium zones primarily. 3 blocks of Residential medium on Military Road north of 128th. Mixed Use Low near 128th

Advisory Body Applicant Briefing

  • Application period ran Dec 16 – Jan 27; Vacancies advertised on city website, B-Town Blog and City Social Media.
  • 44 applicants to fill 26 vacancies on: Arts Commission, Burien Airport Committee, Business & Economic Development Partnership, Human Services Commission, Parks & Rec. Advisory Board, Planning Commission.
  • Some members are reapplying; all seats are 4 year terms with a 2 term limit.
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