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The Essential Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business

by Janet Lovelace

Are you considering starting a business from home (as have many other entrepreneurs)? Working from home offers many benefits, and if you come at it with the right approach, it’s an excellent way to make a living. What’s more, Burien is a wonderful place to start a business. Small business is the backbone of our local economy, and this area could serve you well.

That said, you don’t want to dive into launching your business without carefully considering what it takes to build long-term success. We’re covering the basics of starting a home-based business so you can get off on the right foot!
The Benefits of Owning a Home Business

Owning a home-based business has many advantages. First and foremost, it eliminates the need to commute to work each day, saving you time and money. It also allows you to set your hours and customize your workspace however you see fit.

Here are a few other benefits to consider:

Reduced overhead costs due to not having to rent office space.
Greater control over decisions and operations.
The ability to work on something you’re passionate about in an environment you find comfortable.
Possible tax advantages, depending on the type of business you start.
The potential for higher profits, as there’s no need for middlemen or other businesses to take a cut of your earnings.

Crafting a Business Plan

Before leaving your day job and diving into entrepreneurship full-time, creating a comprehensive business plan is essential. This document should include details for what services or products you will offer, how much capital you’ll need for start-up costs, how you plan to market your goods or services, and what kind of profit or losses you anticipate in the first year of operation. Having an understanding of these factors ahead of time will help ensure your venture succeeds right out of the gate.

Choosing a Legal Structure

Once your plan is drafted, it’s time to decide the type of legal structure your business will have. Options range from a sole proprietorship (which offers no liability protection) to an LLC (which provides personal liability protection) and others. If you can put in more time, forming an LLC is ideal because it will help protect you from being personally liable for business debts and yield tax flexibility. The easiest way to create an LLC is to use a formation service that can handle most of the legwork for you.

Developing Your Schedule

Now that things are taking shape on paper, you’ll want to think about how you will manage your daily schedule when operations begin earnestly. Consider how many hours a week you wish to or need to work and whether any additional staff members are necessary at this point in time. Then, craft a realistic schedule that accounts for your other life commitments.

Research Laws and Requirements

Before officially launching operations, research any laws or regulations that may impact your company’s ability to do business in your area (or online). Licensing requirements vary greatly, depending on where entrepreneurs operate their companies from home, so be sure to catch everything here. You’ll also want to check with the local zoning board regarding any restrictions they have around running specific types of businesses out of residential properties.

Learning About Tech Tools

Finally, but certainly not least, take time to learn about modern technology tools designed specifically for entrepreneurs. Most notably, look into those related to web design and hosting platforms like WordPress or Squarespace; these tools allow you to easily create and maintain websites without any coding or programming skills.


Starting a home business is an exciting journey, and you can set yourself up for success by carefully preparing and planning. Remember to write a detailed business plan, select the appropriate legal structure, make a productive schedule, and follow the other tips outlined above. You’ll soon find yourself growing a thriving enterprise that creates a comfortable living as you pursue your passions and dreams!

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Author bio: Janet Lovelace founded “Work Can Wait” to encourage entrepreneurs to create a much-needed balance between their careers and personal lives. The mission of this organization is to provide a source of support for small business owners by teaching them how to automate, delegate, and systematize their operations, so they can better manage their time. “Work Can Wait” helps business owners rethink work-life balance and make room for the things that matter most to them.

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