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Highline School Board Summary: 1/4/23

Highline School Board Summary: 1/4/23 

Roll Call: President Van, Vice President Alvarez, Director Howell, Director Hagos – present

Director Garcia – excused absence

Superintendent (Dr. Duran) present

Approval of Minutes December 7, 2022, Board Meeting (Approved 4-0)

President Van welcomed everybody and wished them a Happy New Year.

Director Liaison Appointments 

CFAC – Director Van, Director Hagos

Capitol Oversight – Director Van, Director Alvarez

Highline Schools Foundation – Director Howell

Highline Forum – Director Van, Director Hagos

Wellness Committee – Director Hagos

WIAA – Director Alvarez, Director Garcia

Legislative Committee – Director Van


School Board Appreciation Month – Superintendent Duran thanked Board Directors for their service to the community. (Applause)

Scheduled Communications:

  • James Payne (Equity Policy) Highline parent spoke of a connection he’d seen between wokeness and Highline’s equity policy. He stated these programs hadn’t improved student academic outcomes. Addressed Highline’s equity policy 0010 and challenged its premise
  • Rich Coker (Caring for Students in Highline Schools) Evergreen High School teacher spoke about how he sees love in action for students at Evergreen. He sees it through their anti-racist and inclusive curriculum, multicultural assemblies, and restorative justice practices.
  • Katie Kresly (Audience Participation) Community member. She strongly advised that Academic Success be included and Named as one of the six primary goals of the Graduate Profile. (Discussed at the Dec. 10th Board/Cabinet Retreat.) Noted they reviewed the Listening Sessions at the retreat. She also requested the Board reconsider the significant changes proposed to Audience Participation Policy/Procedure 1430.
  • Patricia Bailey (District Policy) Discussed problems she sees with Procedure 3211 concerning gender inclusion and its conflict with Policy 2000 regarding the importance of parent involvement in schools. She did not like how Policy 3211 was written in a way that requires school personnel to listen to the child, and only reveal a child’s preferred pronouns and names at school to their parents if the child agrees.
  • Montey Anderson (Community Workforce Agreements) He is the Executive Director of the Seattle Building Trades, and he proposed a workforce agreement to encourage Highline students to do apprenticeships, starting with Highlines own building projects.
  • Terri Ainardi (Role as Interventionist at North Hill Elementary School) She spoke of her work as a SEAD interventionist at North Hill which means Social, Emotional, Academic, Development interventionist. She stressed that student emotional needs have grown, and she proposed that Highline fully funds somebody to do her position in every school in the district.
  • Keith Weir (Community Workforce Agreements) Highline District parent and resident. He is a union electrician and would like to create a workforce agreement with Highline to get student apprentices to learn the trade and do local work in the community.
  • Annemarie Kebre (Meeting Procedures) Quoted the Washington State Constitution, Article 1 Section 1, to support her point that people have the right to address the Board through public comments. She was concerned about the limits the Board is proposing.
  • Mike Provenzano (Equity in School Counseling Program) Counselor at Evergreen and thanked the Board for their focus on equity. Spoke about the development of comprehensive school counseling programs and the importance of focusing on students in the LGBTQ+ community, students newly immigrated, and those that speak a different language.
  • Alex Myrick (Audience Participation at School Board Meetings) Expressed concern about proposed limits to public comments (1430 policy/procedure). He referenced the 1st Amendment, which gives citizens the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. He also talked about one of the Washington State School Directors Association core principals, which is to engage the local community and represent the values and expectations they hold for their schools.
  • Stuart Jenner (School Data) Parent of Highline graduates. Presented disappointing Highline school performance data and rankings, as compared to local schools, both public and private. Cited NAAP, SAT, UW, high school rankings, Public Records Requests. Requested the Board include public data reviews in their Strategic Plan and on the meeting agenda regularly, especially if the public comments will be limited as proposed. Asked them to keep the current public comment time limit of four minutes.

Superintendent’s Update: 

Labor Partner Update – Sandy Hunt, Highline Education Association President – discussed community workforce agreements, especially regarding Evergreen. Regarding Public Comment policy change, she suggested a compromise to make it 3 minutes instead of dropping it to 2 minutes.

Scott Logan – reported on progress on community workforce agreements and the importance of making sure the contracts are fiscally responsible. 

School Board Reports:

Legislative Report: – none

Director Reports:

  • Director Van – tonight he was the only director who had anything to report
    • Thanked Board for appointing and supporting him as President and Director Alvarez as Vice Chair
    • Recommended the Board cancel the Spring Break Board Meeting and mentioned the need to schedule a Board Meeting in July.

Consent Agenda: (Approved 4-0)

Approval of Minutes, December 10, Board Retreat Minutes 

Approval of Accounts Payable Vouchers

Approval of Personnel Report

New Motion to Approve Resolution No. 2022 Evergreen High School Replacement Project – Resolution Authorizing Use of Alternative Public Works: General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) and intent to comply with RCW 39.10

Action Items 

Introduction and Action Item 

9.1 Motion to Approve Annual Contract Amendment with HopSkipDrive and Purchase Order for the 2022-23 SY. (Approved 4-0)

$600,000 for the 2022-23 SY.

9.2 Motion to Approve Annual Contract with Puget Sound Dispatch, and Purchase Order for the 2022-23 SY. (Approved 4-0)

$1,000,000 for the 2022-23 SY.

  • Director Hagos asked three questions:
    •  What happens to funds for HopSkipDrive if not used by the end of the year? Scott Logan answered that it’s a cost-per-ride service that is billed monthly, and the end of year balance goes into the general fund.
    •  What about the possibility of shopping around for other transportation vendors? Logan stated we have three different vendors to help address Highline’s challenging transportation problems.
    •  Does the Puget Sound Dispatch take care of all routing and coordinating for transportation services? Logan answered they just do the actual ride, and Highline does all the scheduling.
  • Director Van acknowledged that the purchase order issue looked like just a process error and wanted to make sure it is corrected, so vendors get their bills paid and there is no interruption in service for the kids.

Introduction Item

10.1 Motion for Approval of Project and Construction Management Services for Evergreen High School Replacement Project with Vanir Construction Management, Inc. 

Approval of this motion would approve entering into a contract with Vanir Construction Management in the amount of $2,845,240 for construction management support services supporting the Evergreen High school replacement project.

  • Director Hagos commented that Vanir has a local office in Renton and they are committed to our area and the schools in our region
  • Director Hagos asked about Community Workforce Agreements regarding the layout and design of Evergreen. Logan said Vanir has worked with Highline on multiple projects, including the last bond. 

10.2 Motion to approve Resolution 04-23 Highline High School – Acceptance of Building Commissioning Report 

10.3 Motion to approve Evergreen High School Replacement Project- Award of General Contractor /Construction Manager(“GC/CM”) Contract for Pre-Construction Services Approval of this motion would allow the Superintendent, upon receipt of all submittal requirements to sign the construction contract with XXXX Contractor in the amount of $XXXX, plus state sales tax of $XXXX, for a total of $XXXX. [Dollar values will be included in the 1/18/23 agenda.]

10.4  Motion to approve Resolution No. 06-23 Approval of the 2022 Study and Survey Report 

  • Director Hagos noted that the survey was related to projects in the 2022 bond, but she thought those were already planned. So she asked what the survey was about. Logan answered there is a critical needs category for funding which addresses catastrophic failures such as boilers, roofs, etc. 

10.5 Motion to approve Resolution No. 07-23 White Center Elementary School – Water District 20 – Easement and Bill of Sale

10.6 Motion for Approval to Award XXXX Contract for Security Video Replacement, Phase 2   Approval of this motion would allow the Superintendent, upon receipt of all submittal requirements, to sign the construction contract with XXXX, in the amount of $XXXXXX, plus Washington State sales tax of $XXXXXX, for a total of $XXXXXXX. [Dollar values will be included in the 1/18/23 agenda.]

10.7  Motion to approve Use of 2016 Bond Contingency for Projects listed in 2016 Bond Prior to the Sale of 2022 Bond Approval of this motion would approve the use of Program contingency in compliance with the projects that were identified in resolution 15.16 until which point that 2022 Bond Funding becomes available. 

10.8 Motion to Approve Revision of Highline School District Athletic Coaches’ Salary Schedule, effective with high school winter season and middle school third season of the 2022-23 school year. (revised 1.4.23) 

  • Director Alvarez asked why we are revising the salary mid-school year. Steve Grubb said he wanted wages to be competitive and to incorporate the increase in the minimum wage.

10.9 Motion to Approve Revision of Highline School District Classified Substitute Employees’ Salary Schedule, Effective January 1, 2023.

10.10 Motion to Approve Revisions to Board Policy 1430, Audience Participation, and approval of new Board Procedure 1430

  • Director Hagos acknowledged that she would consider public comments and concerns around proposed changes. 
  • Director Alvarez suggested all Board Directors continue to converse on this motion before next meeting

10.11Motion to Approve Revisions to Board Policy 1240 Committees

10.12 Motion to Amend existing contract with Soliant Health, LLC to increase contract amount from $540,000 to $1,487,000 Approval of this motion would approve the contract amount increase of $947,000 with Soliant Health, LLC, which increases the total contract amount from $540,000 to $1,487,000. 

  • Director Van suggested more flexibility (within bounds) to increase the amount without having to frequently come to the Board for approval, thereby creating a better budgeting plan.

10.13 Motion to Amend existing contract with Community Care LLC, to increase contract amount from $225,000 to $710,000 Approval of this motion would approve the contract amount increase of $485,000 with Community Care LLC, which increases the total contract amount from $225,000 to $710,000. 

  • Director Hagos asked about rehiring employees before the 12-month waiting period. Staffing challenges are difficult, so can we hire back more quickly. Dr. Jana Parker answered that per contract provision, we are unable to negotiate or make exceptions per the outside contract. Steve Grubb added that HR is difficult, and unfortunately, this is not changeable.

Unscheduled Communication

  • none

Adjourned at 7:28 pm

NEXT Meeting: January 18, 2023, 6 PM (Posted Agenda for meeting)

The Highline Public Schools Board of Directors will hold a Board Special Meeting: Public Hearing on Capital Projects Fund on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, 4:00 to 4:15 p.m. 

Followed by a Board Special Meeting: Executive Session on Superintendent Evaluation at 4:20 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. The Board will immediately recess into Executive Session for approximately 90 minutes. The purpose of the Executive Session is to review the performance of a staff member. 

General Meeting Information:

  • Highline School Board meetings are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 6 PM in the Central Office Boardroom. 
  • Community members can give four-minute verbal commentary in Scheduled Communications. 
  • Call the District Office at 206-631-3070 by 12 PM on the day of the meeting in order to be included on the agenda. 
  • Board Meetings can be viewed via Live stream.
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