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Christmas Carolers Spread Joy In Downtown Burien

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A group of exuberant Christmas Carolers from Hope Christian Community braved the cold weather on Monday Night, December 19th.

They strolled down 152nd Street, spreading “tidings of comfort and joy” throughout downtown Burien!

They came across a local business holiday party and ended the evening at Grocery Outlet, to the delight of all who were coming and going, stocking up on essentials before the snow and ice descended on Burien.

christmas caroling hope church burien news

“I’ve Christmas caroled most all my life, said Mary Welch, the group organizer. Whether it’s in the neighborhoods, with my family, or on the street corner with a group of carolers and musicians.”

She continued, “I find that people really enjoy and appreciate the singing. I do it because I believe the story that is told through the carols, and I want others to know the true story of Christmas. We must keep singing the Carols of Christmas…many have yet to hear!”

christmas caroling hope church burien news

All of the kids were overjoyed when passerbys handed them $5 bills as a way to show to show them how much they enjoyed the singing.

christmas caroling hope church burien news

Twelve-year-old Kai Fenkner, who handed out candy canes, shared, “It was so fun to see sing together!” His mom Natasha Tanev added:

“This was our first time Christmas caroling. I was a little nervous, and I left behind a list of unfinished holiday and work tasks heavy on my mind, but as soon as I heard our voices filling the cold air with Christmas hymns and classics and saw the joy on the faces of those we sang to, I knew this was exactly where I was supposed to be…this is what Christmas is about.”

christmas carolers downtown burien

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