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The War On Women and Children

Tug war, man and woman pulling rope in opposite directions unequ
Tug war, man and woman pulling rope in opposite directions unequ

By Dominque Lux

With the exception of 20 states that said no, women and girls are no longer a protected sex class under U.S. law.

On his first day of office, President Biden’s Executive Order instructed all federal agencies to come into alignment within 100 days with “gender self-identification.”

The November 16 Highline School District board meeting proved that sex education is a community issue affecting everyone. In Seattle public schools and other local districts, including Highline, students are being indoctrinated about sex and “gender identity” at an early age.

According to gender ideologues, what sex you are has nothing to do with your body. Instead, sex is determined by what individuals think and feel (‘gender’ in progressive speak) rather than their sexual anatomy (sex). The false idea being promoted that humans can be “born into the wrong body” has led to chilling social outcomes, like boys in girls’ bathrooms, competing on girls’ sports teams, and more.

Kids are losing their way as the lines between sex, gender and sexual orientation are being blurred. Overblown sex education curriculum nationwide now includes Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity or SOGI lessons. Ask your child or grandchild about it.

Worse, the normal condition of puberty has been medicalized.

President Biden’s advocacy for “gender-affirming care” properly translates as barbaric medical experimentation upon minor children by way of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or permanent surgeries like double mastectomies and physical or chemical castration.

While all over Europe, “gender clinics” are being shut down, here in the Pacific Northwest, expensive “gender-affirming care” for youth is a booming industry at medical facilities like Seattle Children’s Hospital, MaryBridge Children’s, Kaiser Permanente, various private clinics – and at hospitals and clinics worldwide.

Teenagers don’t need parental consent for these procedures in Washington State. Taxpayers foot the bill for “sex reassignment” surgeries performed on minors that are billed to Apple Medicaid, while parents are forced to pay for it on their health insurance, whether they like it or not.

Kids in our state can legally “transition into the opposite sex” from a school referral without parental knowledge or consent, thanks to stealthy legislation passed during lockdowns. Gender identity has been taught in Washington’s public schools as a secret add-on to Heath Education since 2016.

It’s pretty rough out there.

All of us are born with a body and a soul. God-given biological sex cannot be changed through “top surgery” or “bottom surgery.”

Euphemisms fail to hide the ugly reality of what is happening. The mutilation of spiritually embodied human beings is not a radical political act but the essence of gender conformity based upon sex stereotypes.

Everyone needs to stand up against the pernicious nature of gender ideology in our schools. The idea that one must abdicate to “trans rights” (or else you’ll lose your job, be cancelled, etc.) is a failure to protect our children from lifelong irreversible medical damage and a failure to protect women and girls worldwide (about 50% of the human race).

Liberal feminists (both men and women) have tended to champion “trans rights” by emotionally aligning with the symptoms instead of the underlying causes of the “trans” explosion in kids. The misogynistic Cabal understands this. So it continues to exercise power over women and children by imposing gender ideology in the public sphere.

Consider the inversion of reality where violent male sexual predators who “identify” as women are being placed in with incarcerated women at Washington Corrections Center for Women (Purdy prison) near Gig Harbor.

People are waking up to the dissolution of social norms. But protecting our children and grandchildren to allow them to express their fully embodied God-given potential won’t be possible as long as “gender identity” replaces the word “sex” in U.S. language and law.

The Department of Education issued a notice on July 12, 2022 announcing planned changes to Title IX. Title IX was originally enacted to protect women and girls in education programs from discrimination based on sex, not “gender identity.” A historic number of comments flooded in against the language and intention of Title IX being changed to include “gender identity.” So far, Title IX is safe. But for how long?

We need a regulatory definition of sex for the purpose of protecting the rights, privacy, and safety of women and girls as a protected sex class under Title IX, and to finally put an end to the medical malpractice known as “gender-affirming care” for children.

Only when a majority of people can assert the correct answer to the question, “What is a woman?” will families be able to protect themselves in the War Against Women and Children.

To try and subvert the meaning of the “W” word – shhh! – flies in the face of material reality. The one reality we incarnated human beings all share, that of being conceived and nurtured within the wombs of our mothers, women who are most decidedly adult human females with xx chromosomes.

© 2022 Dominque Lux

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