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My Awakening – Part 3


The Woke religion has taken root in every institution, and in the process, it has slowly, methodically redefined words, presenting the changes as “historical.” I am a writer, and right away, I noticed the intense focus on language and policing certain people’s use of it; more and more, it was white people’s virtue-signaling by criticizing the use of other white people’s language. But I wanted to be a good person. I didn’t want to continue to commit the horrible atrocities nonwhite people had been subjected to throughout history. The Woke religion had guided me to focus on the self-flagellation now required of white people to fight injustice and to celebrate others victimizing themselves as a source of power (which is not the same as empowerment). The Woke Religion has trained its followers to see every interaction between humans as a negotiation of power, a deeply cynical perspective that repudiates love as a genuine motivator. And the Woke religion has trained its adherents to strive to follow the new rules set forth by the Woke Religion on how to be a good person; these differed mainly on the color of your skin and, to a lesser extent, your gender and sexual orientation.

Eventually, however, I couldn’t ignore how the Woke religion was warping language. “Equality” had become “equity,” which is socialism. (This means equality of outcomes, not simply equality of opportunity.) Equity programs will lower education and living standards across the board, and truly exceptional or outstanding people will be silenced by accusations of privilege rather than supported in using their gifts to benefit us all. “Social justice” has become “communism” – that is, pursuing social justice is about replacing care for individuals with compulsory sacrifice for “the community,” and those in power get to define what “the community” is. If someone misinterpreted you, you were accused of a “microaggression,” regardless of your intention; if you don’t feel the need to apologize for someone else’s misunderstanding, you are accused of “fragility.” “Science” had come to mean “what’s allowable/approved opinion.” “Middle Ground” became defined as an extreme position; if you sought it with others, you were siding with the enemy (it was immediately assumed you were marginalizing those without a voice). It also assumed the “marginalized” never held moderate views on anything. Additionally, the “historically marginalized” were granted the freedom to do whatever they chose, as if to make up for all of society’s sins against their ancestors. 

Claiming there was absolute truth got labeled as “intolerant” even as the word “tolerance” morphed into “acceptance” and now (compulsory) “celebration.” I was trained to believe that “supportive” meant “affirming” and “dignity” meant “silencing” some others—those who have been ‘historically marginalized’ can do whatever they want.” “Solidarity” means abolishing individuality and individualism.

Ironically, for all my years practicing the Woke religion, I never got a clear definition of the word “progress.” I never understood why the battle my fellow social justice warriors and I were fighting had to be lifelong—I now see that it’s because there is no clear conception of what a just society actually looks like. What does it concretely look like when everyone is equal? And who comprises “everyone?”  

With so many words taking on new meanings, it is no coincidence that “The Participation Trophy Generation” is now demanding that everyone not only recognize but actively celebrate whatever identity someone declares for themselves. Even “agreeing to disagree” is now covertly racist, transphobic, homophobic, and oppressive because only specific identities are being lifted up — by the very ideology that claims to be fighting for equity (which I thought until recently was synonymous with “equality.” That is not true.) And it is no surprise that the first generation to fully grow up in a culture saturated with postmodernism (the fancy way of saying there is no absolute truth) is so fragile. We were told we were special snowflakes our entire childhood, and we are told now that identity is the only thing that matters, so why wouldn’t we think someone using the “wrong” pronouns is “oppression?”

Technology only fueled the intentional radicalization of my generation and the ones following. I graduated from high school the year Facebook was introduced — it was only available by invitation to college kids — a tactic to get college kids to sign up by making them feel special and like they are getting access to something exclusive.

Here is an excellent example of another way Wokism hides its oppressive lies. In the vacuum of meaning, postmodernism has left in its wake, Wokism peddles belonging and personal specialness. You only have to fit into one of their categories of oppression; then, you can find a sense of belonging based on group identification and a cause, however murky it might be.

That’s another tool of hypnosis Wokism employs: the battle for “justice” is lifelong; therefore, you have no reason to leave (and if you do, you no longer want justice). Wokism gives neither time or space to ask why the battle for justice might be so long, and it wasn’t until writing these articles that I realized it’s because there is no clear definition of justice. 

When adherents to the Woke religion are asked what they plan to build in the ashes of everything they are advocating to be burned down, they’ve stated what they don’t know. (Even as they criticize the ‘it’s-all-gonna-burn’ theology of some Christians) 

All they know is that everything’s got to go, and it’s got to go now. No time for questions — people have waited for justice far too long already, the argument goes. And, because I am white, I not only have the power and 100% responsibility to end all oppression, but I also have the guilt for all oppression, no matter if I, too, have experienced it myself. According to the ones who want to end oppression, I am “centering myself” if I bring up the violent sexism and grinding ableism that I have been subjected to throughout my life. 

Coming out of the Woke religion is taking me years; this isn’t surprising, given the layers of lies and indoctrination of the Woke religion. Though it’s been a long journey out, it won’t be lifelong. In fact, I started seeing cracks in the Woke narrative several years ago, which I will discuss in my next article. 

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