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Highline School Board Testimony – Pronoun Concerns


Testimony to the Highline School Board on 11/2/22

By Patricia Bailey


Good evening Highline Board Members. To be educators, we need to affirm that we share an objective reality. Teachers who claim truth is relative destroy the very foundation of education since teaching is based on the belief there is something objective to be taught. For example, throughout history, we have known and teachers have taught, there are two genders: male and female. Those who teach “gender fluidity” deny the reality of ancestry, genetics, and biological sciences. Propagandizing students into their own “gender fantasy” is not education! It is the end of education. Unfortunately, teachers are being indoctrinated with this anti-science at the university and workshop levels. 

Activists have children spend time and energy trying to figure out how they feel about their gender: What do they want to be called? How do others see them? Are they comfortable in their bodies? And so on, instead of the pursuit of knowledge, reason, and productive, fulfilling endeavors. Clinical psychologists tell us the more we think about ourselves, the more unhappy, anxious, hurt, and disappointed we become. This explains the widespread depression in our youth.

The “reformers” confound the English language, confusing communication to such an extent that thinking, speaking, and writing become hopelessly bewildering. I have provided the board with a list of pronouns from the University of California Davis website* with 35 non-binary pronouns to be used in the service of “transgenderism.” 

We are familiar with the standard English pronouns, for example: “She reminded herself to pick up her umbrella” or “He reminded himself to pick up his umbrella.” However, under the tutelage of the so-called reformers, one can demand others regard him or her as ze. This example is at the bottom of the page and reads: “Ze reminded zirself to pick up zir umbrella.” On the other hand, if you identify as ve, it would be stated as: “Ve reminded verself to pick up ver umbrella.” Or you may identify with the pronoun co. “Co reminded coself to pick up cos umbrella.” Or maybe one identifies as en. “En reminded enself to pick up ens umbrella.” If your pronoun is “yo,” it would read: “Yo reminded yoself to pick up yos umbrella.” You can employ endless variations by mixing and matching, and adding your own pronouns.

This is not a script from “The Onion,” but a real-life descent into idiocracy and is being implemented around the country — hopefully not in Highline Schools.  

If the purpose of these enemies of education is to confuse and disable children, they are well on their way. We must stand for objective truth and not buy into these lies. We want our children to be rightly educated and successful in fulfilling their unique purposes in life! Children need to be helped to accept what they cannot change, their chromosomes, and appreciate that they all are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139. Thank you.


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