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Marliza Melzer Challenging Karen Keiser in General Election


There is a surprise candidate on your upcoming November ballot. Marliza Melzer, a long-time local resident, ran against Karen Keiser as a write-in candidate for state senate during the primary election. Melzer, running in the 33rd District,  received enough votes to challenge Keiser in the general election.

In Gem of the Sound’s interview about her candidacy, Melzer told us that she is running against Keiser because she is a career politician supporting bad policies. These have led to the escalation of crime, taxes, and the hyper-sexualization of children in our schools.

Melzer says she was taxed out of her home of 34 years and could no longer afford to live there. She believes that the policies supported by Keiser are detrimental to the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all Washingtonians.

“When I was asked to run, I was preparing my house for sale and planning to move out of state due to the bad policies created and supported by our own legislature. Even with most of my belongings already moved out of state, I chose to stay and fight one more time. These government leaders don’t care about us. It appears that Karen Keiser is so self-serving that she has accepted more than $17,000 this year alone, including gifts, travel, and meals paid for by others, more than any other legislator in our state. “

Note: Gem of the Sound contacted Karen Keiser for an interview. We have not received a response from her.

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