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Priceless Treasures: Our Children

“Children will not remember you for the things you provided for them, but for the feeling that you cherished them,” remarked American radio announcer, Richard Evans.

By Ruth Storkel.

In this present world, it is easy to look at our lives in terms of material things:  Expensive homes and cars, exotic vacations, properties owned, stock holdings, etc., and to forget the most precious thing we possess is our children! They are the biggest God-given treasure we will ever have!

“Being a father is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. It kind of makes any success I have on stage or screen very unimportant by comparison,” said famed American actor and dancer, Fred Astaire.

On a visit with my grandchildren in California, I received new insight into the importance of truly cherishing and treasuring the children in our lives. I want to share this brief writing to inspire you on your parenting journey.

A Tale Of Two Birds Nests
It was springtime! A beautiful, colorful, inspiring time of year! Bees buzzing, birds building nests and laying eggs, flowers in bright array everywhere around me.

God has given birds the nature to build a nest and lay eggs, patiently waiting for them to hatch. Then the parents will diligently work to protect and feed their young broods until they are able to exist on their own.

Some birds will mature to adulthood and continue the reproduction cycle God put in motion from the moment of the creation of our world. Others will die early, not realizing their full potential. Much of the responsibility for the health and maturing is laid on the parent birds.

On my visit, I viewed two very different scenarios. One bird family had a stable, protected environment, while in another bird family, the newly-hatched babies quickly met their sad demise.

The “wise birds” chose a home in a very well-hidden, protected, sheltered nest deep within a rosemary bush hedge. Both of the parents took time to watch over the eggs and then the babies when they hatched.

The “unwise parents” built their nest out in the open, hanging it from a light fixture near the automatic garage door, which opened and closed during the day. This was not a stable nor protected place to raise a brood of birdlings. This nest was in clear view of people and other birds that could bother the eggs.


Eventually, nearly on the same day, both sets of eggs hatched.

The family inside the rosemary bush carried on peacefully, while the birds grew and were fed continually by the very diligent parents. They were well on their way to becoming the beautiful creatures God had created them to be. Their environment was peaceful, a place where they could flourish.

The eggs in the light-fixture nest hatched out, but the unstable nest broke, and the birdies were found dead on the ground. The parents had failed to choose a safe place for their babies to grow and be cared for. These birds had the potential to grow into mature birds and live the life of “bird purposes” that God had created them for. Tragically, they did not even BEGIN to experience what God had made them for! The parents were obviously very distressed when they found the nest had broken and their dead offspring on the ground far below. They flew anxiously about in a chaotic manner.

As human parents, what kind of “nests” are we providing for our children? Will they grow up to experience the wonderful plans God has for them? As parents, we are responsible for watching over, protecting, nurturing, and praying for them and for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in each of their lives.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11).

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