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Tell Highline Schools What You Think Starting October 6th


Five years ago, Highline Schools adopted a strategic plan that focused heavily on student-centered, social-emotional, and equity-based themes.

So, how are they doing?

According to Washington States Report Card by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Highline School District’s academic results are dismal:

  • Only 33.4% (1 in 3) of students meet English Standards.
  • Only 21.5% (1 in 5) of students meet Math Standards.
  • Only 26.8% (1 in 4) of students meet Science Standards.
  • We are ranked in the lowest 22% of Washington State’s school districts.
  • Since 2021 we dropped in rank from 175th to 195th out of 245 districts. (By comparison, Kent District climbed 19 places, so it would appear it’s not due to Covid.) schooldigger.com

If you’re unsatisfied with these academic results, NOW is the time to share your thoughts with the School Board Directors and Highline’s new Superintendent, Dr. Ivan Duran.

According to Dr. Duran, he is “intently focused on understanding how students are experiencing the Highline Promise.” He wants “to learn how we can build upon current successes and what additional steps we can take to deliver on the Promise for every student.”

The Community Listening Sessions are a rare opportunity to meet them one-on-one and to share your input which will help guide the District’s Strategic Plan for the next several years.

Attend one of the Community Listening Sessions. (Oct 6th – Nov 3rd)
See dates here 2022 REGIONAL Community Forum (“Listening Tour”)
Dates are also listed on The Gem’s Printed Bulletin, Burien News.

To find what district your Listening Session is in, see  Highline District Boundary Map
(Please note, you may attend any meeting, regardless of your district.)

So that you can give thoughtful feedback, here is an outline of the current Strategic Plan, along with comments.

Based on Highlineschools.org website (and evaluation questions to consider)

  • Our Promise
    Knowing students “by name, strength, and need, and graduates prepared for the future they choose.” (Is Academics the current focus?)
  • Our Goals
    School Culture – “welcoming school community” – student-centered
    Growth and Mastery – “meeting or exceeding standards in all grade levels” (Are we meeting   academic standards?)
    Digital & Media Literacy – “problem-solving, critical thinking.”
    Bilingual & Biliterate – (Do students know English, too?)
    High School Graduation – (Are students actually meeting Metrics?)
  • Our Foundation
    Equity – “We will disrupt institutional biases and end inequitable practices, so all students have an equal chance at success.” (Is Equity supporting our academic goals?)

Current Implementation Strategies include:

Additional District Focus Items – to consider asking about:

  • Sex Ed – F.L.A.S.H. Curriculum  (scroll down to click on Health, Education and Grade links)
  • Gender Identity discussions, starting at elementary levels
  • Anti-Racism
  • Equity Lens
  • Advanced Placement (A.P.) & Highly Capable Classes – what changes are planned?
  • “Street Data” (2020) is Highline’s primary planning resource.

Tell Dr. Duran what you think. Let your voice be heard. Share your thoughts and input to get “your kids back on the academic track.”

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