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Meet the Highline High School Athletic Director – Lori Box


It starts at the top! The Athletic Directors at Highline High School and Kennedy Catholic High School set the stage for dedicated players, coaches, and fans. Did you know that the Athletic Directors are both graduates of the high schools they now represent? Not only that, but they each played on sports teams while attending their schools, and both have had long and successful careers at their schools. And, of course, they are both very proud of the programs they lead and represent in the Burien community. So let’s take a few minutes to get to know the Athletic Directors!

The Highline High School Athletic Director is Lori (Jensen) Box. She is a 1985 Highline Pirate graduate. She was a member of the Highline swim team. Lori spent her college days at the University of Washington (she obtained her BA degree in English in 1989) and the University of Puget Sound (she received her MAT, Secondary Education in 1997). She then began her teaching career spending 4 years at Auburn Riverside. In 2001 she moved to the Highline School District and worked at Evergreen until 2004 when she returned home to Highline. Besides her Language Arts teaching, she was the Activities Coordinator overseeing the student government, ASB budget, yearbook, and assemblies, and in 2013 became the Athletic Director.

Lori takes great pride in the Pirate athletes and coaches and the dedication and long hours of all. Managing the budget, game schedules, and coaches for 21 varsity sports programs is a rewarding challenge. The goal is “a product with competitive and successful teams that will give the fans games they want to watch.” Lori wants people to attend the games, support the teams, and make Highline High School a part of the community.

She would like the fans to know: “Please respect the officials! Officiating is a challenging profession. They are dedicated to making games safe and fair, they rarely miss calls; we should appreciate their efforts!”

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