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Burien City Council Summary: 8/15/22


City Council Regular Meeting Summary: 08/15/2022
Roll Call: All members present
Proclamations: Proclamation to Honor Charlotte Berg

City Manager Oath of Office
Adolfo Bailon sworn into office.

Emerging Issues

Association of Washington Cities Board and Commission Recruitments

  • AWC is recruiting staff and elected officials to serve on various committee’s.
  • AWC is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan corporation that represents Washington’s cities and towns before the state legislature, the state executive branch and with regulatory agencies.
  • Positions include Emergency Management Council, Justice Assistance Grants Committee, Public Works Board, Social Equity and Cannabis, etc. ## Public Comment
  • Lena P. – Regarding Blvd Park flood reduction; thankful for sewer extension project; severity and extent of flooding not understood, since not all affected have complained. Residents are in support of utilizing easements for additional drainage. Concerned about contamination of local streams. Request for use of ecology grants.
  • Dennis S. – Regarding Blvd Park flood reduction; affects many people on his street; if materials could be provided, residents would be willing to do the work to fix the flooding.
  • Charles S. – Thanked council for honoring Charlotte Berg. Another way to honor Charlotte is to volunteer at Transform Outreach where she helped at the clothing (and toiletries) bank; donations of these items or monetary donations always accepted.
  • Joseph D. – Neighbor of Lena and Dennis; 4-6 inches of water in yard, he is a 1-year resident living in trailer due flooding basement and mold; sewage from neighboring homes in yard and draining into creek. Requesting city assistance.
  • Sally N. – She is on the Board for Burien Actor’s Theater; Arts have value to civic life, economy/taxes, and the city, and reduce crime. BAT wants to build an art hall and stage with seating in the city because it would bring $1 million in revenue to the city. Welcomed city manager.
  • Ginelle L. – Regarding Blvd Park flood reduction; read a letter signed by affected homeowners calling to convert stormwater management to a fully city-managed drainage system, to stop property damage and water contamination. Welcomed city manager.
  • Edgar R. – Requested that council extend relief package for renters, so tenants can catch up on rent. Rent increases, late fees, fear and manipulation from landlord. Maintenance and appliance purchases being performed by tenants.
  • Daniel M. – Regarding Blvd Park flood reduction; calling for action matching the urgency of the problem.
  • Colleen H. – Longtime Burien resident; planning commission has spent much time reviewing tree regulations to replace outdated ones, strongly urges adoption of the new regulations; People for Climate Action group has been actively involved in providing input. Surveys say climate protection is a high priority item for Burien residents.
  • Dr. C. Edgar – By state law, City is required to have a balanced budget, maintain public safety, maintain public infrastructure, and comply with all federal and state laws, and are also voiced as priorities by residents and businesses. Many non-required items are being funded by the budget; not required by state law, such as: Parks and Rec, Human Services, grants for nonprofits, housing for all, Discover Burien, [many more listed]. State required items must be prioritized in the budget balancing process.
  • Joana (Spanish Speaker, translated) – Apartment landlords have issued late fees during the pandemic to the present, and tell tenants that they can do as they please. Tenants have to do their own repairs and purchase new appliances, because landlords won’t fix them, and threaten to raise rent if they do. Because of language barrier and fear in the largely Latino complex they don’t say anything.

Consent Agenda

  • Approved unanimously

Business Agenda

Adoption of the Strategic Plan and Priorities

  • The Strategic Directions developed by the City of Burien are:
  • Centering Community Accountability
  • Achieving Financial Stability
  • Reshaping Community through Smart, Mindful Development
  • Advancing Racial Equity
  • J. Matta moved to postpone adoption of the Strategic Plan, to allow for further review and discussion. C. Moore opposed the motion strongly, saying staff needed the plan adopted to move forward with operations, and that the public and the council have had time to review it.
  • Vote: Postpone adoption of the strategic plan – 4 Yes (S. Aragon, K. Schilling, J. Matta, S. Mora) – 3 No (S. Moore, C. Moore, H. Garcia)

Review of Consultant Proposals for City Manager Performance Evaluations

  • One of two consultant groups, Nash Consulting or EXIGY Consulting, will be hired to develop the performance evaluation process, identify goals and objectives.
  • Series of workshops involving Council and City Manager to follow; evaluations will be performed at 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.
  • Expected cost range is $25,000 to $30,000, with subsequent annual costs of $5,000 to $7,000.
  • Vote: Move to select the Nash Consulting firm to perform this task – Passed Unanimously

2022 Salary and Benefit Survey Introduction

  • Involves 61 positions across 50 job classifications; benefits and reclassifications regarding position progressions (e.g. assistant planner → planner → senior planner).
  • Bilingual skills additional pay in consideration.
  • Neighboring cities were surveyed, weighted by population and assessed valuation of taxes.
  • Preliminary review of Burien has determined that compensation is below the competitive market average.
  • Final results will be presented at an October regular business meeting.

Discussion of 2023 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

  • The City of Burien is a Joint Agreement City (JAC) with the King County Grant CDBG Consortium, which Funds for Admin, Human Services, and Capital Projects.
  • Burien became eligible after reaching population 50,000.
  • Burien will receive approximately $245,000 in CDBG funds (estimated).
  • Proposed funding allocations:
  • Planning/Administration: $44,000 for staff salaries/benefits to administer the CDBG program.
  • Human Services: $45,000 for support of the Southwest Youth and Family Services New Futures Program at the Alcove at Seahurst Apartments.
  • Capital: $156,000 for the acquisition of Lakeview Park.

Amend the Scope of Work for the Burien Community Center HVAC Project

  • Burien entered a contract with Washington Department of Energy Enterprise Services performed an energy audit performed at Burien Community Center (BCC) and Moshier Arts Center to evaluate the possibility of constructing the proposed HVAC project, and to identify energy savings projects at both buildings.
  • The audit identified lighting conversions, tuckpointing of brick facade, installing a backup generator, and complete a Facilities Maintenance Management Plan for the purposes of energy savings at the BCC.
  • $5,000 in HVAC savings at BCC, $4,400 in lighting savings expected.
  • The audit identified replacing oil furnace with an electric HVAC unit, lighting conversion, replacing windows/floors, and enhancing the building envelope, for future consideration.
  • Only the HVAC project for the Community Center is funded; the PaRCS department recommends using the PaRCS capital budget for the remainder of the proposed work at BCC. $1.39 million currently approved, $1.89 total is being requested to perform the additional work ($440,000 additional).
  • Vote: Approve changing the scope and the additional costs – Passed unanimously.

How to Watch City Council Meetings

You can watch City Council meetings by streaming it online from your phone, tablet, or computer or by watching it on Channel 21 on Comcast.


Burien City Council meetings are held both in person in Council Chambers at Burien City Hall and virtually using Zoom webinar software.

City staff are working on a plan to support board and commission meetings that accommodate both in-person and virtual attendance. Public meetings will remain virtual through September.

See below the options for attending a live meeting, watching the live broadcast, and providing public comment.

How to Provide Public Comment

There are four ways to provide public comment:

  1. Attend a meeting: The City Council meets on a regular schedule at Burien City Hall’s Council Chambers. When you arrive, please sign up to speak your public comment. You will be allowed to speak for up to two minutes from the podium.
  2. Public Comment Form: You can provide a public comment in advance by filling out the public comment form. The City Clerk will read your comment aloud for up to two minutes per comment during the meeting. You must submit your comment by 6:45 p.m. on the day of the meeting.
  3. Email: You can provide a public comment in advance by sending an email to cityclerk@burienwa.gov. The City Clerk will read your comment aloud for up to two minutes during the meeting. Please clearly state the meeting date for which you would like your comment to be read. Emails must be sent by 6:45 p.m. on the day of the meeting.
  4. Online (Zoom): If you would like to speak during public comment but attend virtually, you will need to login to the Zoom meeting that begins at approximately 7 p.m. Please read the instructions for participation before logging in.

If you are planning to attend a meeting, we encourage community members to sign up for public comment by 6:45 p.m. on the day of the meeting. During meetings, community members will be called on in the following order:

  1. High Priority: those who have signed up to speak (either virtually or in-person) will be called upon in the order received.
  2. Priority: those who are in attendance (either virtually or in-person) and indicate they would like to comment.
  3. Low Priority: if time permits, written comments will be read aloud; all written comments shall be sent to the City Council and noted in the meeting minutes.

The meeting time allotted for the public comment period is 30 minutes (at maximum).

You can find agendas, minutes, and other information about council meetings in the online meeting center.

Language Access

The City of Burien offers Spanish interpretation during every virtual City Council meeting. Any attendee may access this service.

Once you log into the meeting, click on the “Interpretation” link at the bottom of your screen. If you need an interpreter for another language, please contact the City Clerk at cityclerk@burienwa.gov at least two business days prior to the meeting date.

La Ciudad de Burien ofrece interpretación en español durante cada reunión virtual del Ayuntamiento. Cualquier asistente puede acceder a este servicio.

Cuando haya iniciado sesión en la reunión, haga clic en el enlace “Interpretación” en la parte inferior de la pantalla. Si necesita un intérprete para otro idioma, comuníquese con el Secretario de la Ciudad en cityclerk@burienwa.gov al menos dos días hábiles antes de la fecha de la reunión.

Updated July 21, 2022


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