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Gift Ideas That Don’t Break The Bank By Local Business Paper Delights

Anniversary Gifts that don't break the Bank Burien news
By Alicia Olsen | Owner Paper Delights

Have you ever said to your spouse or significant other, “Let’s not give each other gifts for our anniversary this year?” Maybe you have a big trip, a remodel, or another big expense that you use as an excuse to justify the fact that you don’t need to buy gifts. Then as the day gets closer, you feel like you want to show your love in a tangible way, but maybe without breaking the bank!

At Paper Delights we are here to help with all these needs. Start out with a beautiful or funny card and write something meaningful in it. Most of the cards we sell are blank on the inside because we feel the reason you tuck a card away and save it is because of what someone has handwritten on the inside.

Black-Banner-Thank-You-Card-Paper-Delights-Burien-News-Alicia-OlsenNext, think about what they enjoy doing in their free time or what they already have a large collection of. For example, I have a large number of plants, bags, candles, and journals. Do you think these collections happened by accident? Nope! Spoiler alert: I love these things and personally never feel I could have too many of any one of these items! When my husband buys me a plant or a candle I feel like he “gets” me, while not breaking the bank, which also brings me joy!

Does your loved one enjoy hiking, cooking, crafting? If so, we have great books on these subjects, and it’s always fun to put together a gift basket centered around one’s interests. If you have a certain budget you would like to stay within, we are more than happy to accommodate. We strive to stock our shop with useful, meaningful and beautiful gifts at all price points.

Finally, let us wrap the gift for you! We have a wide selection of gorgeous papers and ribbons and can generally wrap it while you wait! There is nothing better than the feeling of handing your loved one a beautifully wrapped gift. It shows that you have put time, energy and thought into your relationship. Let Paper Delights be your secret gift-giving source! We are open Tuesday – Saturday, 11-4 pm and located at 901 SW 152nd street in Olde Burien.

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