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Highline School Board Summary: 8/3/22

  • Highline School Board Summary : 8/3/2022

    Roll Call: All members present – 5 Directors & Superintendent present, all in person

    Scheduled Communications:

    • James Payne (Disenrollment)
    • Katy Radelich (Masks)
    • Patricia Bailey (Face Masks)
    • Lauren Welch (Team Read, COVID Regulations)
    • Bonnie Radelich (COVID Protocol)
    • Annemarie Kebre (COVID Protocol)

    Superintendent’s Update:

    School Board Reports:

    • Legislative –
      • None at the time.
      • WSSDA General Assembly Handbook Legislative Priorities are ready for review.  (Washington State School Directors’ Association)  Public is invited to review the priority list and bring concerns/priorities to Highline Directors.
    • Director Reports –
      • All welcomed Dr. Duran and new Administrators and their families
      • Director Van
        • Congratulated Raisbeck Aviation High School Green Energy Team for winning National Title for Solar Car in Dallas, Texas
        • Attended Tyee Totems Memorial Mascot Change from Totems to Titans
        • STIA (Seattle Tacoma International Airport)  Charity Golf Tournament on July 13th Raised Money for the Highline Schools Foundation
        • Announced Burien Brat Trot for Highline Schools Foundation Fundraiser on October 1st
    • Director Alvarez
      • Excited about Dual Language Program and more bilingual students
      • Hiring 40 new employees which were onboarded yesterday
      • Appreciation to staff for excellent district communications
    • Director Howell
      • Feels hope, excitement and optimism for the coming year regarding staff, instruction, and empowerment of students
    • Director Hagos
      • Pleased to see the Mount Rainier Athletic Department volunteering with the kids at  Farmer’s Market in DesMoines
      • Observed High School Football Players expressing leadership by engaging younger kids in soccer and basketball at National Night- Out
    • Director Garcia
      • Thanked staff for their hard work during the Summer School Program
      • Invited everyone to a Latin-American Concert by Encanto Arts at the Highline Performing Arts Center on October 15th

    Consent Agenda:  (Unanimously Approved)

    Action Items:    (None Today)

    Introduction and Action Items:   (None Today)

    Introduction Items:

    • 10.1 Explanation By Steve Grubb, Chief Talent Officer and Buzz Porter, Lead Negotiator of New Collective Bargaining Agreement between Highline Public Schools and Highline Education Association 
      • Compensation and Time Package
        • 7.5% Salary Increase for Faculty for 2022-23 school year
      • Additional Day of District Professional Training
      • School Calendar – First Day is September 1st and Last Day June 16th
      • Leave and Substitutes Policy changes due to labor shortage
        • Added Incentives to work
        • 10% Pay Increase for Substitutes
        • 50% More Planning Time
        • Separated Sick and Personal Leave
      • Dual Language required for all new curricula
      • New “Teacher Stability Program” to prevent teachers from being frequently moved
      • Director Comments
        • Director Van said “good job” on partnership and relationship building
        • Director Alvarez appreciated separating sick and personal time as well as incentives
        • Director Howell appreciated HEA leadership, collaboration and educators being supported
        • Director Hagos appreciated respect and honor for employees and had clarification questions regarding curriculum for additional Professional Day of Training
        • Director Garcia asked about Dual Language Requirements in Targeted Languages and requested HEA to find information on staffing moves due to enrollment
    • Motion by Director Alvarez that the Director’s review Annual Contract Renewals for Motions 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.10 outside the meeting in preparation for August 17th Meeting.  (Unanimously Approved.)

    Items Added to Consent Agenda

    • Motion by Director Alvarez that Item 10.9 Motion to Approve Surplus of District Property (Vehicles) be moved to Consent Agenda at August 17th Meeting.  (Unanimously Approved)

    Adjourned: 7:06 PM

    NEXT Work Meeting: August 17, 2022   4:30pm – 6pm   (public invited)
    Board Meeting: August 17, 2022   6pm   (public invited)

    General Meeting Information:

    • Highline School Board meetings are generally held the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 6pm at the Central Office Boardroom.
    • Community members can give four-minute verbal commentary in Scheduled Communications.
    • Call the District Office at 206-631-3070 by 12:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting in order to be included on the agenda.
    • Board Meetings can be viewed via Live stream highlineschools.org/boardlivestreams.
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