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Burien City Council Summary: 7/18/22


City Council Regular Meeting Summary: 07/18/2022

Roll Call: All members present, with exception of C. Moore (excused, arrived late)

Proclamations: None

Public Comment

  • A. Phillips – Electric heating and cooling pumps installed on existing homes; ARPA use it to convert heating systems; energy audit to reduce greenhouse gases for all reasonably airtight homes.
  • C. Edgar – Emergency doors unblocked, health and safety issue fire code. Thanked for fixing. Paying for stormwater; The city of Burien does not have the domain to do sewers; southwest suburban district, must agree to pay. Grant dollars available through King county;
  • K. Richardson – Gregory Heights resident; fires worldwide, droughts, crop failure cited; Use ARPA to address climate crisis. Improve weatherization of houses in low-income areas;
  • P. Barnett – Burien renter since 2020, received a 43% rent increase on his unit to $2680 for a one-bedroom loft.
  • S. Lamphear – Upper shorewood area, sewers and septic tanks, served by suburban sewer; Gregory heights also has issues with failing septic tanks; connection to sewers can be addressed by the City of Burien.
  • Q. Thompson – Requested that the city of Burien discuss sewer hookup on the Normandy Road fire station existing line.
  • I. Danysh – Climate action plan; easing parking restrictions
  • M. Van Leuen – Moratorium on evictions is doing great damage to availability of affordable housing. Half of his rentals have been dedicated to short-term rentals.
  • R. Edgar – Criticizing the Plan because of political motivations, Public safety failure; dynamic community; DESC the low point of City Councils communication with the community.
  • Terry J – Climate change very serious according to news; help low-income individuals install weatherization equipment; reduce cost through purchase agreements

Consent Agenda

  • Approved unanimously

Business Agenda

ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) Prioritization of Funding

  • Presented by Steve Toler of Management Partners (consulting firm).
  • The Community and Council’s responses were reviewed priorities and ways to address them, with opportunity to propose changes or other feedback to Management Partners.
  • Remaining ARPA funds available: $7.1 million
  • Potential programs and spending as proposed:
    • Economic Development – $1 million Small business grants/loans; $250k Childcare; $250k Workforce development, $200k Business security enhancement and property damage support. Total: $1.7 million as proposed
    • Community Needs – $500k food security, $500k rent assistance, $500k homeless intervention, $500k Gang and youth intervention, $500k Mental health and counseling, $400k neighborhood cleanliness. Total: $2.5 million as proposed
    • Infrastructure, $2.1 million to design a public works and parks maintenance facility; $1.4 million to address Blvd Pk flooding via sewer connection; $1.4 million Generator for Burien Community Center Cooling Center; $2 million Moshier HVAC improvement. Total $2.9 Million as proposed This category is over-budget, only 2.5M available.

Introduction to Ordinance No. 794, Zoning Code Amendments Related to Parking for
Downtown Zones and Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Proposed amendments relating to parking:
    • Extend existing off-street parking exemptions in the downtown zones until 2026.
    • No parking required for new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s, e.g. secondary standalone single-family unit, garage, basement, in-law suite, etc. )
    • Extend existing off-street parking exemptions in the downtown zones – the gross floor area of all uses are exempt from providing additional off-street vehicle parking spaces. Minor expansions/construction of additional stories to existing buildings do not require providing additional parking.
    • No parking required for new accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) throughout the city.
    • New parking will still be associated with new developments.

VOTE: Move to consent agenda of next regular business meeting. Passed Unanimously:

Introduction to Ordinance No. 795 Regarding Electronic Parking Meters

  • Electronic meters are being requested by the police, in lieu of chalk marking. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Case cited, Taylor vs. Saginaw, Michigan, where chalking tires was ruled as unconstitutional.
  • Photo/Video recording meters are being proposed in the amendment.
  • Discussion and request for additional signage regarding the following insertion to the BMC: “No person shall avoid a parking time limit regulation by moving or reparking a vehicle on either side of a street within the same block.”

Vote: Motion passed – 6 Yes (S. Aragon, K. Schilling, H. Garcia, J. Matta, S. Moore, S. Mora) – 1 No (C. Moore)

Consultant Review City Manager – Goal Setting & Performance Evaluation

  • Adolfo Bailon starts on Aug 8
  • Contract requires a third-party consultant to facilitate goal setting and performance review
  • Ideally selected contractor will be under contract by the end of July
  • 4 consultants have been identified based on recommendations by nearby cities – Jeff Swanson – EXIGY, James Falconer Reid – Falconer Group, Waldron HR, Nash Consulting
  • Exigy and Nash Consulting selected to be interviewed by unanimous vote.

City Manager Report

  • 3 new staff members: Kaitlyn Graham – Financial Analyst, Alla Cross – Finance department, Madeline Ulvin – Public Works Intern
  • Compostable food service ordinance in effect; 3 waivers have been received
  • Burien Airport Committee seeks extension from SeaTac Airport’s Aviation Managing Director Lance Lyttle for reviewing the Sustainable Airport Master Plan. ** VOTE: Approved the correspondence to be sent – 6 Yes (S. Aragon, K. Schilling, H. Garcia, J. Matta, S. Moore, C. Moore) – 1 Abstain (S. Mora)**

How to Watch City Council Meetings

You can watch City Council meetings by streaming it online from your phone, tablet, or computer or by watching it on Channel 21 on Comcast.


Burien City Council meetings are held both in person in Council Chambers at Burien City Hall and virtually using Zoom webinar software.

City staff are working on a plan to support board and commission meetings that accommodate both in-person and virtual attendance. Public meetings will remain virtual through September.

See below the options for attending a live meeting, watching the live broadcast, and providing public comment.

How to Provide Public Comment

There are four ways to provide public comment:

  1. Attend a meeting: The City Council meets on a regular schedule at Burien City Hall’s Council Chambers. When you arrive, please sign up to speak your public comment. You will be allowed to speak for up to two minutes from the podium.
  2. Public Comment Form: You can provide a public comment in advance by filling out the public comment form. The City Clerk will read your comment aloud for up to two minutes per comment during the meeting. You must submit your comment by 6:45 p.m. on the day of the meeting.
  3. Email: You can provide a public comment in advance by sending an email to cityclerk@burienwa.gov. The City Clerk will read your comment aloud for up to two minutes during the meeting. Please clearly state the meeting date for which you would like your comment to be read. Emails must be sent by 6:45 p.m. on the day of the meeting.
  4. Online (Zoom): If you would like to speak during public comment but attend virtually, you will need to login to the Zoom meeting that begins at approximately 7 p.m. Please read the instructions for participation before logging in.

If you are planning to attend a meeting, we encourage community members to sign up for public comment by 6:45 p.m. on the day of the meeting. During meetings, community members will be called on in the following order:

  1. High Priority: those who have signed up to speak (either virtually or in-person) will be called upon in the order received.
  2. Priority: those who are in attendance (either virtually or in-person) and indicate they would like to comment.
  3. Low Priority: if time permits, written comments will be read aloud; all written comments shall be sent to the City Council and noted in the meeting minutes.

The meeting time allotted for the public comment period is 30 minutes (at maximum).

You can find agendas, minutes, and other information about council meetings in the online meeting center.

Language Access

The City of Burien offers Spanish interpretation during every virtual City Council meeting. Any attendee may access this service.

Once you log into the meeting, click on the “Interpretation” link at the bottom of your screen. If you need an interpreter for another language, please contact the City Clerk at cityclerk@burienwa.gov at least two business days prior to the meeting date.

La Ciudad de Burien ofrece interpretación en español durante cada reunión virtual del Ayuntamiento. Cualquier asistente puede acceder a este servicio.

Cuando haya iniciado sesión en la reunión, haga clic en el enlace “Interpretación” en la parte inferior de la pantalla. Si necesita un intérprete para otro idioma, comuníquese con el Secretario de la Ciudad en cityclerk@burienwa.gov al menos dos días hábiles antes de la fecha de la reunión.

Updated July 21, 2022


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