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The Old Coat, Poem


By Nom de Plume

Once there was a man
He walked hurt, throughout the land,
‘Cause he remembered sorrow and he remembered pain.
So feeling cold and naked, not knowing what to do,
He picked up an old coat – I might have, so might have you.
It seemed kinda harmless, in fact, it seemed the thing to do… The bloody wounds ceased to flow;
Memories he hoped he’d no longer feel. . .
The years struggled by,
Simple friendship seemed to die;
Now the man felt cold and ill,
He knew the coat had not served him well.
Slowly, he unbuttoned darkness and
Left the known for the unknown.
Taking a step, he saw a garment covered with light –
He put it on, and then felt SO FREE!!!
How could he have ever thought
Hate was meant to be?
Now his steps are faltering,
He’s eighty-four you know,
But the old man has a peaceful heart –
He’s ready
To walk through that door
Wearing the Light –
He’s WEARING the Light!!!
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