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Letter to the Editor: Critique of DESC Housing


Critique of DESC housing for Burien homeless and homeless veterans on 150th

To:  Burien City Mayor and Council Members
Re: Letter to the Editor: June 15th, 2022 by Gem of the Sound Reporter, Danny House

The referenced letter posted by Danny House, a longstanding and respected owner of several successful Burien businesses is not only troubling, but it depicts the wayward direction of the current body of Council members, showing a complete disregard for the character of Burien and for its business community.

Firstly, who exactly will be allowed housing in this facility, or is that determined by the greatest payback to DESC?

Secondly, that a $100,000.000 management company (DESC) should be granted a ‘ZERO’ tax status makes absolutely no sense, knowing how generous the City has been to venture capitalists who funded the City Center on which the City Hall/Library stands and surrounding grounds, where taxes were exempt for more than several years?

Thirdly, the Danny House discovered that “All types of drugs are allowed on the premises; the staff provides the tools to administer the drugs. Presently, there is zero accountability or measures put in place for what DESC has proven to usher in: theft and other types of crime to sustain the drug use”, should be of concern enough that this Council did not do its ‘due diligence in determining the potential safety to our community!

Fourth, the Danny House is concerned regarding the reduced parking spaces available at this proposed housing facility; that it does not conform to Burien’s 1.8 spaces requirement of for Apartment Dwelling Units, regardless of whether the tenants have cars or NOT.

Lastly, the refusal of this body to openly discuss his concerns and then suggest that he close his businesses if he didn’t like what the Council was doing is not only “shameful” in Danny’s words, it is blatantly irresponsible and contemptible! Let me remind you, you are all elected to represent us taxpayers, each and every one of us, not follow incentives for your own personal agenda!

And let me reiterate, of greatest concern to our community is the Danny House statement: “The REAL issue is the drug use and crime that has proven to follow this type of housing, (often the same behavior that began and contributed to each individual’s housing situation problem)”.
As our representatives, how in God’s name do you NOT address these concerns, and why was the entire community not made aware of the potential drug dispensing in this facility?

For your immediate attention and response,
Fredrick G. Novota

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