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Bringing Good News to Burien: Just In Time, burien news

Bringing Good News to Burien Just In Time Burien news


By Marie Jones

The folk-gospel quartet known as “Just In Time” performed live on stage at the Burien Strawberry Festival this past Saturday, June 18. They sang 10 songs which included an encore number in response to cheers from the audience.

“Just In Time” is comprised of four members: John and Annie Bergin, and Bill and Raye Grey. Bill plays guitar while Raye and Annie strum ukuleles. Their vocals are reminiscent of four-part harmony blended in a “folk-gospel style”.

The group’s name comes from a song of that same title and sums up their mission and message, which is to share the good news of Christ. Prior to singing together, the two couples had been close friends for years and all have musical backgrounds. A recent performance involved participating in a music festival in Redding California.

JIT is hoping for future opportunities at events in the South-end area. If you hear of an upcoming performance event, be sure to come check them out. You’ll not only enjoy them but will be uplifted as well.

Below is an interview with ‘Just in Time’
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