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Memories Of My Dad – Father’s Day Story


In my 57 years of life, I have had many great memories of my dad. One of the best memories is such a simple thing! When my brother and I were small kids, he always watched Saturday morning cartoons with us after coming home from his graveyard shift. He would sit between my brother and me on the couch and pretend to enjoy Scooby Doo! He would always end up nodding off…but he was always there with us.

What’s amazing was seeing him do the exact same thing with his grandchildren. A recent and more poignant memory is watching him care for my mother, who has been in declining health. I marvel how at his age (86), he ‘stepped up and assumed most of the traditional roles my mother had filled throughout their long marriage. Cooking, cleaning, and driving to appointments became newly added responsibilities that he assumed without hesitation or complaint.

My dad is a remarkably self-taught man. He could always master the things he was interested in. He became an expert glider pilot, sailor, cyclist, and mechanic. Best of all, he is a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. I’m blessed to call him “Dad”!

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