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Marriage The Long Haul – Series Introduction

By Mark and Jan Yokers

Marriage is like a marathon. It is definitely not a sprint. There are so many forms of bonding that take place when two choose to become one, that it takes a lifetime to build, nurture, and enjoy the relationship.

This is also why any rupture of the relationship will have lasting negative effects. The energy put into developing a strong relationship plus the dedication for the “long haul” are well worth the effort.

Over our 53 years of marriage, we have learned some valuable tools to develop harmony in the midst of conflicts in our relationship. We have learned to fight for our marriage rather than against one another. Marriage brings some of the greatest challenges and can also bring you some of life’s greatest rewards ever imagined. What an amazing journey marriage is! Bon Voyage!

In our series Marriage: The Long Haul, will be sharing the many tips, insights, and tools we have learned over the past few decades to have a successful and thriving marriage.

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