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Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Paper Delights

fathers day gifts burien news paper delight
fathers day gifts burien news paper delight
By Alicia Olsen

Father’s Day is Just Around the Corner!

Do you ever have a party to go to, and you feel like you can’t show up empty-handed?

I have this happen all the time, and that’s why we opened Paper Delights in Burien!

Whether you have 10 minutes before you need to be at the party or 10 days, we can help you find the perfect gift, wrap it, and you can even sit down and write in the card at our shop!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you may want to show your Dad how much you appreciate and love him, but sometimes Dads buy themselves everything they want. This can be hard when you don’t want to buy him the same thing you gave him last year, but you also don’t want to waste your money on something he won’t use or like!

That’s why at Paper Delights, we ask ourselves before we buy any line for our shop, is this item useful or beautiful?

We aim for items to fit both criteria, but it needs to fit at least one. When we were thinking about buying products for Father’s Day, we thought, “What do the Dads in our life like to do?” They like to BBQ, hike, drink and eat! So we set out to find unique products that would fit these criteria.

We found a line of BBQ gear called The Proud Grill; they make super-cool, detachable BBQ thongs, where one side is a fork and the other a spatula, plus they are magnetic, so they are easily attached to the BBQ. They also make a BBQ scrubber that comes with attachable wipes, just like a Swiffer for your BBQ! We’re sure your Dad will love to see his BBQ shine like it’s brand new!

We’ve also found some great local hiking books; and a flask that comes with two shot glasses as a lid, which makes it perfect to slip into a backpack for a hike!

We also have new Burien hats and super-soft sweatshirts that are perfect for the hike-loving Dad.

If your Dad enjoys making the perfect cocktail, we have just the thing! Camp Craft Cocktails are jars filled with all sorts of dehydration goodness to infuse your own booze.

Just add 12 ounces of spirits, refrigerate for 3 days, and it will make enough for 8-10 cocktails. We have Bloody Mary, Old Fashioned, and Hibiscus Ginger Lemon! Your Dad will love to show off his amazing cocktail-making skills!

It took us over a year to get, but Dr. Squatch soaps for men have finally arrived in our shop! We have 9 different scents and their shampoo and conditioner! This useful gift will be perfect for any man in your life!

If your Dad is extremely hard to buy for, Dan the Sausage Man’s sausage is the perfect gift! This local treat never disappoints!  We sell two types of individual sausages and their amazing mustard! We also have gift boxes that include everything your Dad will need for a perfect happy-hour snack tray!

Once you’ve found the perfect gift, let us help you package it in a beautiful way; we have gift bags and lots of gorgeous wrapping paper!

Finally, grab a card, and you can check Father’s day off your list!
Paper Delights is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11-4 pm for all your gift-giving needs!

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